Post-Legalization Wave, It’s Harder For Teens To Get Weed Than In Decades

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How tough it must be to be a stoner teen in the year 2017. “Weed, weed everywhere, but not a hit for me.” Though weed is more legal now than it’s been in since the 1930’s, following a wave of recreational and medical cannabis legalization in recent years, teens are actually finding it harder to get their hands on ganja than

California Trying To Pass Another Law Against Home Hash Extraction

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The California State Assembly just went double dutch on home hash oil extraction. Though manufacturing cannabis concentrate without a license is already forbidden by state law, Cali lawmakers are trying to pass another law which would ban home labs using butane and other volatile chemicals.On Thursday the State Assembly passed the proposed law. Mar

Epileptic Athlete Fighting To Use Medical Cannabis Oil In High School

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A 17 year-old athlete is raising big questions about medical cannabis in Georgia. CJ Harris, a football player in Warner Robins, takes cannabidiol (CBD) oil four times a day to treat his epilepsy. Because his public high school won’t allow him to bring the medicine on campus, Harris’s father has to pick him up from school, as reported b

Canadians Could Still Get Long Prison Sentences For Weed After Legalization

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Canada has gotten a lot of praise for its upcoming forward-thinking, ahead-of-its-time national weed legalization. Many media outlets, including this one, have praised the Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau for rolling out a progressive plan to legalize the sale of cannabis by July 2018. But, despite the trailblazing legalization, Canad

Cannabis Advocate Flees Philippines Amid Death Threats

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An American Drug Policy Alliance board member and cannabis legalization proponent has left a drug conference in the Philippines after public disparagement from President Rodrigo Duterte and numerous death threats, according to a report from Leafly.Dr. Carl Hart, chairman of the psychology department at Columbia University, visited the country to at

California Extractor Faces Ten Years For Hash Oil Blowup

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A secret BHO megalab hidden behind a false wall, the apathetic employees of a paint store, and a special education school all fit into a strange set of circumstances leading to a California man facing up to ten years in prison.Last July, Thomas Jan Warren was running a paint store in an 8,000 foot warehouse in Santa Rosa. Unbeknownst to the public

Why Does Weed Make You Chill And Make You Freak?

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Weed is great for paradoxes. It can help you contemplate whether the chicken or the age came first, whether we’re alone in the universe or surrounded by aliens, or whether that munchie craving you got is for chicken wings or gordita crunches. But weed itself has a couple of paradoxes. One of the biggest is probably: why does smoking it cause

Science Says Your Grandma Should Be Dabbing Daily

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“Daily dose of cannabis extract could reverse brain's decline in old age, study suggests,” the headline of a recent Guardian article reads. The implication is great for your grandparents, and it’s good for you too, as it simplifies the next birthday present you get grandma or grandpa. All you have to do is pick them up a couple go

Israeli Gov. Is Now Cool With Vaping Hash Oil In Public, Sort Of

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The list of countries pulling ahead of the US when it comes to weed progressivism is getting longer by the week. Already, there’s Uruguay, Canada, the Netherlands, and North Korea (!), among others. And now Israel is skipping way ahead of the “Land of the Free” with a law that actually says it's okay for medical marijuana patients

Rogue Georgia Lawmaker Distributing Hash Oil Out Of His Office

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Though Georgia is in the midst of expanding its medical marijuana program, it’s not expanding fast enough for one rogue, half-crazy state representative. Last week the state signed into law a measure which adds six new conditions to qualify as an MMJ patient.Those with a doctor’s recommendation card can currently possess up to 20 ounces

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