California Towns Enact Butane Limits To Curb Hash Oil Production

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The extract market may be booming, but a lot of California governments are trying to stop extractors from going boom all over their towns. Sacramento County is the latest to try to legislate hash oil manufacturing into decline with a limit on butane purchases.County supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to cap the amount of butane a retailer can

Jeff Sessions Drafting Memo To Increase Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly at work drafting a memo to change the course of federal drug prosecution. Namely he wants to reverse the current policy of going easy on minor, nonviolent drug offenses to instead put anybody in prison for as long as he possibly can.Back when former Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Obama

North Korea Has Plans To Fight Opponents With Cannabis

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One surprising fact about the totalitarian government of North Korea, which is currently threatening to destabilize the whole of global civilization, is that they are pretty much okay with weed. Though the state has harsh drug laws (possession over a certain amount is reportedly punishable by death), it does not consider marijuana to be a drug. Nor

Plane Full Of Illegal Hash And Cash Brings Police After Hard Landing

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A “hard landing” at a small airport in has brought a half million dollars in cash and 32 jars of cannabis extract to the attention of law enforcement in Riverside County, California.At first, authorities were alerted for a distress call and possible plane crash. A cessna plane took a digger when landing at Banning Municipal Airport, hit

Disney Only Just Now Banned Weed In Its Parks

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Most likely nobody is surprised by the fact that cannabis is banned in Disney World or Disneyland. They might disagree with it. They might ask why a medical doctor-recommended drug would be banned in the parks. They might even be outraged that a child suffering from severe epilepsy wouldn’t be able to bring their non-psychoactive lingual spra

Uruguayans About To Become First Ever State-Sanctioned Potheads

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World history was made Tuesdays when Uruguayans became the first people to register for a cannabis program OK’d by the country’s federal government. The Netherlands has decriminalized marijuana on a federal level and Canada will legalize cannabis next year, but Uruguay is about to roll out the first ever federally legal cannabis program

How Does Mixing Tobacco With Weed Affect Your High?

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The spliff. Other than the size of our cars and the width of our toilet seats, one of the big differences between Americans and our European sisters and brothers across the pond is how we consume our cannabis, and what we consume it with. While relatively few Americans roll their weed up with tobacco, the spliff is the primary weed consumption vehi

Cannabis Extracts Sales Skyrocket In Washington State

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When some researchers over in Washington State decided to figure out how the cannabis market has evolved over the last few years, they found, not surprisingly, that the real mover and shaker in that market was extracts. Concentrates, the study showed, had increased their market share by 145.8 percent from the summer of 2014 to the fall of 2016.Whil

Extractor Busted After Butane Blast Claims He Was Bombed With Dynamite

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When an illegal BHO extractor is busted after blowing up their set-up in the middle of a run, they have a few options. Provided they didn’t sustain severe burns and require immediate medical attention, they’re probably going to be in police custody right quick, so they’ve got to think of something fast. If they’ve stashed a

California Releases 211 Pages Of Proposed Regulations On MMJ, Including Extracts

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For the first time 20 years, California is laying out new regulations on its medical marijuana program. On Friday, the state’s Bureau of Marijuana Control published its proposal for new standards which would apply to dispensaries and cultivators, as reported by The Californian.Among the provisions in the proposal are limits on the amount of T

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