Nevada Makes Push To Be First State With Cannabis Clubs

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Not to be left behind when it comes to legalizing any vice, Nevada is pushing to become the first state in the U.S. to okay social cannabis lounges. A senate bill was passed 12-9 Tuesday to allow cannabis clubs in Clark County (which includes Vegas) and the bill will next go onto the state Assembly, as reported by The Las Vegas Review Journal. The

Should Brick and Mortar Pot Shops Fear Digital Weed Companies?

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On Tuesday, an event was held in the UK on the digital future of cannabis in England and abroad. The basic thrust of the proposal put forth by the event’s organizers and contributors was that the most sensible future for a regulated legal marijuana market was one that was entirely digital, where weed could only be bought through online purvey

A Lot Of People Got Arrested For Weed On Capitol Hill This Week

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There’s been a whole lot of weed going on at the Capitol Building in D.C. this last week, and it’s not because politicians have been trying to medicate their depression over President Trump serving his first 100 days in office.Two separate, but related cannabis prohibition protests led to at least eleven arrests for federal violations o

What Can Isolated Terpenes Do For Cannabis Flower?

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Terpenes have come to the forefront of extraction artistry over the last couple of years. These essential oils are extracted and isolated from cannabis and then mixed into cannabinoid extracts. Kind of like cooking spices for weed concentrates, terpenes can heighten and alter flavor, but also change the medical effects of a wax and the high as well

Brewers Using Cannabis Extraction Technology To Make Better Beer

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For a relatively new industry, the cannabis world has gotten pretty technologically advanced. As concentrates make up a bigger and bigger part of the market, more and more of the industry comes down to fine science. Not just botany and agriculture, but the detailed chemistry of boiling points and chemical reactions.In the science of producing marij

Now Kids In California Have A Medical Cannabis Extracts Club

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Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave. A legal, legit cannabis kids club has opened up in California, the state he once presided over as Governor. Turns out a lot of parents and medical professionals want children with severe illnesses like epilepsy to “Just Say Yes” to getting better.Jayden’s Journey, a dispensary in Modest

DEA-Sanctioned Drug Trafficking Questioned By Judiciary Committee

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Acting Drug Enforcement Administration director Chuck Rosenberg faced questions last week from a congressional committee last week over his agency’s sanctioned importation of drugs into communities. Incredibly (or maybe not, given this administration’s behavior), Rosenberg's response was basically, “Gee. I don’t know.”

When Is A Parent Using Cannabis Considered Child Abuse?

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It’s not uncommon for parents to face child abuse charges related to their marijuana use in a variety of different situations. On one end of the extreme, there are parents who are licensed medical marijuana patients and wind up facing charges of felony child abuse.One example is a California couple who in 2015, after neighbors called the poli

The Best Methods For A Natural Cannabis Detox

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There are many reasons for a cannabis detox. Maybe you just got hired as an FBI agent and they’re about to piss test you. Maybe you’re giving up all the THC in your system for lent. Maybe you’re in jail praying you can piss all that drug residue out of your body before someone asks you to pee in a cup.With all the reasons there ar

States Put Forth Plans To Protect Cannabis Businesses From Feds

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Amid fears that the current White House administration may intrude on state-permitted cannabis programs, lawmakers are drafting up strategies to protect their marijuana businesses from federal prosecution.The most drastic of these plans come from Colorado, where a bill has been introduced into Legislature that would allow everyone in the recreation

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