The Bigoted Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in America

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America is in the midst of an attempt to right the wrongs of its past. Ending racially motivated police violence and creating equal opportunities in employment and education have become major priorities for the socially and politically conscious in the last several years.Marijuana legalization and regulation might sound at first like an issue separ

D.A.R.E. Stopped Calling Weed A Gateway Drug

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An important part of keeping America’s kids off drugs is showing them a little understanding and knowing that when they make mistakes, it’s just because they’re confused and still figuring things out. Similarly, it’s important to show D.A.R.E. a little understanding now and then, since the group has repeatedly proven themsel

Massive White House Sesh Announced By Pot Activists

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These are politically turbulent days. This week alone saw a racially-charged Oscars Ceremony and the GOP finding itself with a presidential candidate that they’re not all that into. And now some activists, along with comedian/TV host/political commentator Bill Maher, are throwing one more political issue into the mix: weed.“Stop treatin

A Lab Tech Faked A Weed Lab Test And Now 7,000 Cases Are Under Review

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It’s a good day to be a New Jersey drug dealer. One lazy lab technician in the Garden State has compromised nearly 8,000 criminal cases, and the result may be the release and/or record expunction of many convicted of drug crimes.Kamalkant Shah, a laboratory technician for the State Police, was accused of “dry labbing” a sample of

How to Make Solventless Wax: Dry Ice Extraction Method

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When most people think of hash these days, the first thing that comes to mind is the BHO shatter and wax that has become so popular within the last few years. The development of closed-loop extraction systems and vacuum ovens built specifically for concentrates have caused many high-end producers to shift away from traditional hash-making

How Legalizing Cannabis Extractions Will Decrease BHO Explosions

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The production of marijuana-derived products, like marijuana wax and hash oil, are a common cause of lab explosions throughout the country. The risk of an explosion rises when a laboratory uses any kind of alcohol solvent. But it also rises when the people working in the laboratory are untrained.Cannabis extractions will always be popular, as they

How To Effectively Clean Your Dab Rig

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It’s inevitable– dab rigs get gunked up after sufficient use and at some point down the road, every glass-owner needs to learn how to effectively clean their setup. A dirty piece not only looks and smells bad, it affects flavor and can potentially reduce the amount of vapor actually inhaled. Though there are several products marketed sp

B-Real On His New Dispensary And Coming Cypress Album

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B-Real is what you might call a renaissance man. Between distributing his own strains of kind under the Dr. Greenthumb label, designing the award-winning joint accessory Phunky Feel Tips, running his own 420-friendly web TV channel, and licensing his soon-to-be opening dispensary in Santa Ana, you might be prone to forget that, oh yeah, the dude is

Cannabis Tourists Flooding Colorado Hospitals With Weed-Related Health Troubles

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Coloradan emergency rooms are getting more and more familiar with cannabis-related injuries and ailments, according a study reported by The Cannabist. But the explanation isn’t as simple as more legal cannabis equaling more cannabis-related health problems.The number of weed-related visits to the University of Colorado Hospital nearly doubled

Stoners Think Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking, According To Survey

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The future is now. We’re still missing many of the farout gizmos promised by movies: not many hover cars, no moon colonies, not a single killer robot. But we do have at least one invention that proves human civilization has progressed in the 21st century. We can now smoke weed without having to actually smoke anything.And the cannabis communi

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