Snoop Dogg Makes Major Deal To Supply Cannabis With Weedy Goods

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Snoop Dogg’s got a finger in so many cannabis industry pies that pretty soon he’s gonna have to start using his toes. The rapper-cum-actor-cum-entrepreneur has partnered up with weed mega-corporation Tweed, perhaps the biggest cannabis firms in Canada, according to the Ottawa Citizen.The fact that Canada is likely on the brink of nation

California Bill Proposes Raising Pot Tax 15%

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A bill proposed by California State Senator Mike McGuire (D-Sonoma County) seeks to impose a 15 percent excise tax on all marijuana transactions, according to LA Weekly.The city of Los Angeles already has a 5 percent tax on all medical marijuana donations and the state takes a 7.5 percent tax (same as every other taxed goods). That means that an An

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