Trump Appoints New National Drug Czar

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Hello, America. You’ve got a new Drug Czar and his name is Richard Baum. While the title “drug czar” conjures (for us at least) images of a heroin cartel leader lounging by the olympic-sized swimming pool of their vast, remote Oaxaca estate, in fact Richard Baum is a seasoned technocrat with decades of experience in White House dr

DEA’s Asset Forfeiture Has Gotten Out Of Control, Says Justice Department

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The DEA may be cracking down on interstate cannabis trafficking, but someone else is cracking down on the down-crackers. The big uncle cracker in question here is the Office of the Inspector General, a division of the Department of Justice.It said Wednesday that the Drug Enforcement Administration has taken much too much liberty with its administra

For A Few Hours, TSA Said It Was OK With You Bringing MMJ On Your Flight

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For a very brief period Wednesday morning, the TSA made history and claimed that it was cool for you to bring your medical marijuana on a flight, either in checked or carry on bags. The announcement was made on the TSA’s website.This change in policy was not only momentous for the TSA. This was actually the first time a federal agency had eve

Stoner Hosers: 5 Ways To Celebrate Canada Legalizing Weed

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Canada is beating America to the weed legalization party. The U.S.’s neighbor to the north is set to go full legal as of July 1, 2018, according to the CBC, a state-founded, publicly-funded impartial news outlet out of Canada (guess not putting people in jail for weed isn’t the only thing the Canucks are ahead on).The legislation to act

Will Cannabis Skip A Level And Go Straight To Schedule III?

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The newest attempt by Congress to reschedule marijuana is a risky gambit. Where most bills on the topic have suggested moving cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II on the list of federally controlled substances, a new bipartisan would make like a cheat code and skip a level straight to Schedule III.Schedule III controlled substances are a fun gra

U.S.’s First Legal Cannabis Club Bill Passes In Colorado

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From now on, the term “clubbing” might mean something different. Instead of bottle service and grooving on the dance floor, hitting the club might entail eating cheetos and taking a nap in a booth.That’s the way things look like they’re headed, now that a bill to legalize marijuana-smoking clubs has passed the Colorado Senat

The Good And Bad News About Measure M In Los Angeles

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Measure M passed on the Los Angeles primary election Tuesday. The measure makes possible a sort of fresh start for cannabis businesses in the City of Angels. With roughly 77 percent approval (as of preliminary results Tuesday night), M is largely positive for the area’s marijuana industry, but may set the stage for some growing pains as well.

Was The Weedless Cannabis Cup In Las Vegas A Bad Omen For Future Pot Fests?

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Up is down. White is black. It looks a little like opposite day as the Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas last weekend got by without one seemingly crucial ingredient: cannabis.The first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in Sin City took place on March 4 and 5 without what many people would call the main attraction of such an event. High Times spokesperson Joe B

Extract Robbery Leads To Knife Fight And Garbage Truck Getaway

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The most exciting news to hit either the Dairy Land or the cannabis extracts world occurred earlier this week when a hash oil robbery on the University of Wisconsin campus took on hues of an action movie chase scene.The ruckus began Wednesday when two robbers beat up a young man and relieved him of the THC extract in his possession. But the robbery

Raids Sweep Alaskan Pot Shops Seizing CBD Extracts

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Investigators from the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) surprised seven different pot shops across Alaska earlier this month with raids focusing on, of all things, cannabidiol oil. Thousands of dollars worth of goods were seized in the midst of what AMCO representatives have called an “ongoing investigation.”Owners of the tar

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