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Post-Legalization Wave, It’s Harder For Teens To Get Weed Than In Decades

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How tough it must be to be a stoner teen in the year 2017. “Weed, weed everywhere, but not a hit for me.” Though weed is more legal now than it’s been in since the 1930’s, following a wave of recreational and medical cannabis legalization in recent years, teens are actually finding it harder to get their hands on ganja than

California Trying To Pass Another Law Against Home Hash Extraction

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The California State Assembly just went double dutch on home hash oil extraction. Though manufacturing cannabis concentrate without a license is already forbidden by state law, Cali lawmakers are trying to pass another law which would ban home labs using butane and other volatile chemicals.On Thursday the State Assembly passed the proposed law. Mar

Epileptic Athlete Fighting To Use Medical Cannabis Oil In High School

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A 17 year-old athlete is raising big questions about medical cannabis in Georgia. CJ Harris, a football player in Warner Robins, takes cannabidiol (CBD) oil four times a day to treat his epilepsy. Because his public high school won’t allow him to bring the medicine on campus, Harris’s father has to pick him up from school, as reported b

Canadians Could Still Get Long Prison Sentences For Weed After Legalization

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Canada has gotten a lot of praise for its upcoming forward-thinking, ahead-of-its-time national weed legalization. Many media outlets, including this one, have praised the Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau for rolling out a progressive plan to legalize the sale of cannabis by July 2018. But, despite the trailblazing legalization, Canad

Cannabis Advocate Flees Philippines Amid Death Threats

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An American Drug Policy Alliance board member and cannabis legalization proponent has left a drug conference in the Philippines after public disparagement from President Rodrigo Duterte and numerous death threats, according to a report from Leafly.Dr. Carl Hart, chairman of the psychology department at Columbia University, visited the country to at

California Extractor Faces Ten Years For Hash Oil Blowup

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A secret BHO megalab hidden behind a false wall, the apathetic employees of a paint store, and a special education school all fit into a strange set of circumstances leading to a California man facing up to ten years in prison.Last July, Thomas Jan Warren was running a paint store in an 8,000 foot warehouse in Santa Rosa. Unbeknownst to the public

Why Does Weed Make You Chill And Make You Freak?

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Weed is great for paradoxes. It can help you contemplate whether the chicken or the age came first, whether we’re alone in the universe or surrounded by aliens, or whether that munchie craving you got is for chicken wings or gordita crunches. But weed itself has a couple of paradoxes. One of the biggest is probably: why does smoking it cause

Science Says Your Grandma Should Be Dabbing Daily

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“Daily dose of cannabis extract could reverse brain's decline in old age, study suggests,” the headline of a recent Guardian article reads. The implication is great for your grandparents, and it’s good for you too, as it simplifies the next birthday present you get grandma or grandpa. All you have to do is pick them up a couple go

Israeli Gov. Is Now Cool With Vaping Hash Oil In Public, Sort Of

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The list of countries pulling ahead of the US when it comes to weed progressivism is getting longer by the week. Already, there’s Uruguay, Canada, the Netherlands, and North Korea (!), among others. And now Israel is skipping way ahead of the “Land of the Free” with a law that actually says it's okay for medical marijuana patients

Rogue Georgia Lawmaker Distributing Hash Oil Out Of His Office

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Though Georgia is in the midst of expanding its medical marijuana program, it’s not expanding fast enough for one rogue, half-crazy state representative. Last week the state signed into law a measure which adds six new conditions to qualify as an MMJ patient.Those with a doctor’s recommendation card can currently possess up to 20 ounces

California Towns Enact Butane Limits To Curb Hash Oil Production

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The extract market may be booming, but a lot of California governments are trying to stop extractors from going boom all over their towns. Sacramento County is the latest to try to legislate hash oil manufacturing into decline with a limit on butane purchases.County supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to cap the amount of butane a retailer can

North Korea Has Plans To Fight Opponents With Cannabis

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One surprising fact about the totalitarian government of North Korea, which is currently threatening to destabilize the whole of global civilization, is that they are pretty much okay with weed. Though the state has harsh drug laws (possession over a certain amount is reportedly punishable by death), it does not consider marijuana to be a drug. Nor

Jeff Sessions Drafting Memo To Increase Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly at work drafting a memo to change the course of federal drug prosecution. Namely he wants to reverse the current policy of going easy on minor, nonviolent drug offenses to instead put anybody in prison for as long as he possibly can.Back when former Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Obama

Plane Full Of Illegal Hash And Cash Brings Police After Hard Landing

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A “hard landing” at a small airport in has brought a half million dollars in cash and 32 jars of cannabis extract to the attention of law enforcement in Riverside County, California.At first, authorities were alerted for a distress call and possible plane crash. A cessna plane took a digger when landing at Banning Municipal Airport, hit

Disney Only Just Now Banned Weed In Its Parks

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Most likely nobody is surprised by the fact that cannabis is banned in Disney World or Disneyland. They might disagree with it. They might ask why a medical doctor-recommended drug would be banned in the parks. They might even be outraged that a child suffering from severe epilepsy wouldn’t be able to bring their non-psychoactive lingual spra

Uruguayans About To Become First Ever State-Sanctioned Potheads

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World history was made Tuesdays when Uruguayans became the first people to register for a cannabis program OK’d by the country’s federal government. The Netherlands has decriminalized marijuana on a federal level and Canada will legalize cannabis next year, but Uruguay is about to roll out the first ever federally legal cannabis program

How Does Mixing Tobacco With Weed Affect Your High?

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The spliff. Other than the size of our cars and the width of our toilet seats, one of the big differences between Americans and our European sisters and brothers across the pond is how we consume our cannabis, and what we consume it with. While relatively few Americans roll their weed up with tobacco, the spliff is the primary weed consumption vehi

Cannabis Extracts Sales Skyrocket In Washington State

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When some researchers over in Washington State decided to figure out how the cannabis market has evolved over the last few years, they found, not surprisingly, that the real mover and shaker in that market was extracts. Concentrates, the study showed, had increased their market share by 145.8 percent from the summer of 2014 to the fall of 2016.Whil

Extractor Busted After Butane Blast Claims He Was Bombed With Dynamite

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When an illegal BHO extractor is busted after blowing up their set-up in the middle of a run, they have a few options. Provided they didn’t sustain severe burns and require immediate medical attention, they’re probably going to be in police custody right quick, so they’ve got to think of something fast. If they’ve stashed a

California Releases 211 Pages Of Proposed Regulations On MMJ, Including Extracts

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For the first time 20 years, California is laying out new regulations on its medical marijuana program. On Friday, the state’s Bureau of Marijuana Control published its proposal for new standards which would apply to dispensaries and cultivators, as reported by The Californian.Among the provisions in the proposal are limits on the amount of T

Nevada Makes Push To Be First State With Cannabis Clubs

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Not to be left behind when it comes to legalizing any vice, Nevada is pushing to become the first state in the U.S. to okay social cannabis lounges. A senate bill was passed 12-9 Tuesday to allow cannabis clubs in Clark County (which includes Vegas) and the bill will next go onto the state Assembly, as reported by The Las Vegas Review Journal. The

Should Brick and Mortar Pot Shops Fear Digital Weed Companies?

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On Tuesday, an event was held in the UK on the digital future of cannabis in England and abroad. The basic thrust of the proposal put forth by the event’s organizers and contributors was that the most sensible future for a regulated legal marijuana market was one that was entirely digital, where weed could only be bought through online purvey

A Lot Of People Got Arrested For Weed On Capitol Hill This Week

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There’s been a whole lot of weed going on at the Capitol Building in D.C. this last week, and it’s not because politicians have been trying to medicate their depression over President Trump serving his first 100 days in office.Two separate, but related cannabis prohibition protests led to at least eleven arrests for federal violations o

What Can Isolated Terpenes Do For Cannabis Flower?

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Terpenes have come to the forefront of extraction artistry over the last couple of years. These essential oils are extracted and isolated from cannabis and then mixed into cannabinoid extracts. Kind of like cooking spices for weed concentrates, terpenes can heighten and alter flavor, but also change the medical effects of a wax and the high as well

Brewers Using Cannabis Extraction Technology To Make Better Beer

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For a relatively new industry, the cannabis world has gotten pretty technologically advanced. As concentrates make up a bigger and bigger part of the market, more and more of the industry comes down to fine science. Not just botany and agriculture, but the detailed chemistry of boiling points and chemical reactions.In the science of producing marij

Now Kids In California Have A Medical Cannabis Extracts Club

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Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave. A legal, legit cannabis kids club has opened up in California, the state he once presided over as Governor. Turns out a lot of parents and medical professionals want children with severe illnesses like epilepsy to “Just Say Yes” to getting better.Jayden’s Journey, a dispensary in Modest

DEA-Sanctioned Drug Trafficking Questioned By Judiciary Committee

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Acting Drug Enforcement Administration director Chuck Rosenberg faced questions last week from a congressional committee last week over his agency’s sanctioned importation of drugs into communities. Incredibly (or maybe not, given this administration’s behavior), Rosenberg's response was basically, “Gee. I don’t know.”

When Is A Parent Using Cannabis Considered Child Abuse?

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It’s not uncommon for parents to face child abuse charges related to their marijuana use in a variety of different situations. On one end of the extreme, there are parents who are licensed medical marijuana patients and wind up facing charges of felony child abuse.One example is a California couple who in 2015, after neighbors called the poli

The Best Methods For A Natural Cannabis Detox

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There are many reasons for a cannabis detox. Maybe you just got hired as an FBI agent and they’re about to piss test you. Maybe you’re giving up all the THC in your system for lent. Maybe you’re in jail praying you can piss all that drug residue out of your body before someone asks you to pee in a cup.With all the reasons there ar

U.S.’s First Legal Cannabis Club Bill Passes In Colorado

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From now on, the term “clubbing” might mean something different. Instead of bottle service and grooving on the dance floor, hitting the club might entail eating cheetos and taking a nap in a booth.That’s the way things look like they’re headed, now that a bill to legalize marijuana-smoking clubs has passed the Colorado Senat

The Good And Bad News About Measure M In Los Angeles

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Measure M passed on the Los Angeles primary election Tuesday. The measure makes possible a sort of fresh start for cannabis businesses in the City of Angels. With roughly 77 percent approval (as of preliminary results Tuesday night), M is largely positive for the area’s marijuana industry, but may set the stage for some growing pains as well.

Was The Weedless Cannabis Cup In Las Vegas A Bad Omen For Future Pot Fests?

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Up is down. White is black. It looks a little like opposite day as the Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas last weekend got by without one seemingly crucial ingredient: cannabis.The first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in Sin City took place on March 4 and 5 without what many people would call the main attraction of such an event. High Times spokesperson Joe B

Extract Robbery Leads To Knife Fight And Garbage Truck Getaway

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The most exciting news to hit either the Dairy Land or the cannabis extracts world occurred earlier this week when a hash oil robbery on the University of Wisconsin campus took on hues of an action movie chase scene.The ruckus began Wednesday when two robbers beat up a young man and relieved him of the THC extract in his possession. But the robbery

Raids Sweep Alaskan Pot Shops Seizing CBD Extracts

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Investigators from the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) surprised seven different pot shops across Alaska earlier this month with raids focusing on, of all things, cannabidiol oil. Thousands of dollars worth of goods were seized in the midst of what AMCO representatives have called an “ongoing investigation.”Owners of the tar

Trump’s Stance Against Legal Weed Shows “Lack Of Understanding Of Federal Law”

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Some fans of cannabis legalization and states’ rights were pretty put off by the Trump administration’s vague threats against recreational marijuana last Thursday. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that recreational cannabis can expect “greater enforcement” under the Trump regime than the industry experienced unde

CBD/THC Extract Shown Effective In Treating Brain Tumors

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After a trial conducted by UK-based pharmaceutical company GW Pharma, researchers have released startling results. A THC/CBD combo extract was found to improve the survival rate of patients suffering from a kind of brain tumor.In the placebo-controlled phase 2 study, the cannabis-derived compound was tested on 21 patients afflicted with glioblastom

Big Pharma Pushing Bill To Create Legal CBD Extract Monopolies

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A major pharmaceutical company is attempting to push two bills through two state legislatures which would effectively give them a monopoly over local CBD markets.GW Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiary Greenwich BioSciences are pushing two very similar CBD bills forward, one in South Dakota and another in Nebraska, which would make CBD legal, but onl

Oregon Pot Shops Claim Extract Regulations Killing Business

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In Oregon, for example, pot shop owners and cannabis producers alike say that extract regulations are crippling their businesses. They claim there’s a choke on the industry from the testing requirements which have hurt sales by up to 50 percent, though the situation may be improving."They took a robust industry, and they've killed it with mas

Drug Traffickers Use Border Wall To Launch Weed Into U.S.

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Score another point for the Donald and other border wall supporters. Looks like a border fence in Arizona was actually used to help smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. And anything that puts marijuana in the hands of hardworking Americans is okay in our book.Border Patrol agents discovered a drug catapult which had been attached onto

Apple Just Patented An Innovative New Vaporizer

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Because Apple doesn’t already control every part of the world, now they might want to be your go-to for getting high. Or, at least, they want to invent a new and improved way for you to get high, though it’s unclear whether they intend to actually put this new invention on the market anytime soon.The US Patent and Trademark Office just

The DEA Just Took Down Its List Of Fake Weed Health Risks

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In a victory for both advocates of cannabis and truthfulness in government agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration has quietly removed an inaccurate list of negative health effects associated with marijuana from its website, as reported by The Cannabist.The misinformation published by the DEA in an online booklet entitled “The Dangers a

Happy Valentine’s: Study Shows Smoking Weed Is Good For Relationships

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Valentine’s Day isn’t an official weed holiday, but it’s close. For a holiday that’s built around flowers and snacking on chocolates, you’d think it was made for stoners. The official pothead holiday is 4/20 and Valentine’s Day is on 2/14 (almost the same numbers). And the feeling of being in love is a lot like a

We Now Live In The Age Of The “Weed Sasquatch”

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No, that wasn’t that last monster dab you took: a giant Sasquatch made out of weed really did just walk into the middle of the local news. In what was either a startling discovery of a new species of beast or a mildly amusing prank, a monster seemingly composed of big green buds entered into the background of a recent Massachusetts TV station

Largest U.S. Butane Company Owner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge

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The owner of the largest butane supply company in the United States plead guilty to a drug charge related to the manufacture of hash oil on Thursday. Bosco Kwon, owner of BK Power Imports, Inc., was being charged with knowingly supplying butane to hash oil extractors across the U.S., according to the Department of Justice.BK Power Imports sold buta

Snoop & Martha’s Super Bowl Ad Rings Death Knell Of Cannabis Coolness

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There was a time when cannabis had something to do with the counterculture, when smoking weed involved expanding your mind and getting into super cool music and art that the lame squares in the mainstream didn’t understand. There was a time when cannabis was cool.But that era officially came to an end on Super Bowl Sunday, when T-Mobile ran i

Hash Oil Likely Coming To Some Pharmacies Soon

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Though “medical marijuana” is legal in 28 states and one district in the U.S., cannabis isn’t treated like any other medicine. You don’t get it at the drugstore, from a pharmacist in a lab coat. You get it from the dispensary that cards you at the door, from an employee who’s often-as-not blazed and in tie-dye.But soon

74 Year-Old Busted After Distributing Hash Oil Cookies At Church

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An old church-going man is facing multiple charges for improvising his own sacrament at Sunday Service. Last year, 74 year-old Brian Jones allegedly gifted his Bloomington, Indiana congregation with hash oil-laced chocolate cookies, as reported by The Smoking Gun.All the trouble started when a Deputy Chief with the Bloomington Police Department rus

A History Of Fast Food Joints That Sell Drugs

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Last week a Burger King in New Hampshire got a lot of attention last week when the click-friendly headline of “A Burger King Was Allegedly Selling Weed to Customers Who Asked for 'Extra Crispy Fries'” hit the news media bloodstream. That article, from VICE re-reported another article from the Sea Coast Online, which told the tale of two

Join The 4/20 Project To Boost Cannabis Knowledge On Wikipedia

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Even though actually possessing and smoking weed is getting easier and easier in these United States of ours, knowledge about weed - horticulture, extraction, even history - isn’t necessarily easy to find in one comprehensive place.Online forums like ICMag help, but for the most part those who want to get serious about the cannabis business l

Emerald Cup Winners Disqualified For Pesticide Contaminants

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Several winners from last December’s Emerald Cup have been dethroned after they were found to contain pesticides. Though the event took place over a month ago in Sonoma County, California, it took awhile to put all contestants through thorough testing at SC Labs.The problem was relatively small in the flower categories. Of the 735 flower samp

Are Weed-Themed Weddings A Growing Trend?

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Historically, getting stoned at a wedding means sneaking off during the father-daughter dance to smoke a one-hitter or hit a vape pen behind the dumpster. But maybe not no more. There’s a growing demand for weed-based weddings. And some specialists are even making money off of it.“Experiencing an upscale cannabis event as a guest, I was

How Do Marijuana Transdermal Patches Work?

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In the world of cannabis, new wonders never cease. Besides the many routine ways to ingest marijuana (smoke, edibles, dabbing, vape pen, pills, topicals), there’s a more exotic game in town: a transdermal patch. That’s a patch that sticks to your skin and feeds a drug into your blood at a regular pace. The most well-known iteration of t

Jeff Sessions’ Response To Pot Concerns Are Evasive, Worrying

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When Jeff Sessions was nominated by President Trump to the Attorney General position, most cannabis advocates were none too happy about it. Among other red flags of pro-Drug War, anti-marijuana actions in his past, the most memorable and troubling of Sessions remarks regarding pot were that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and

The World’s First Playable Hashish Record Costs $7,000

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History was made this week when the first ever all-hash record was pressed. You could listen to Slightly Stoopid’s song “Dabbington” on Spotify or YouTube right now, on the go, while you partake in the vaporization activity the song seems to endorse. Or, you could slow things down and enjoy the finer things in life. Instead of lis

Price Of Legal Pot Could Drop To $50 A Pound

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Colorado’s Department of Revenue is reporting a steep decline in marijuana prices following legalization. The office, which measures the price for cannabis every six months, says that marijuana prices in the state of Colorado took a dive last year, sinking 24.5 percent to $1,471 a pound. Analysts expect this downward trend to continue in Colo

Cannabis Oil May Heal Wounds, Says Report

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As if weed weren’t neat enough, now some people are claiming it can turn you into Wolverine. A new report from the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management claims that the topical application of cannabis oil caused the wound of a Canadian man suffering from cancer to shrink, as reported by Live Science.The man, who remains anonymous, suffered f

How Weed Companies Are Getting Around Federal Ban On Cannabis Patents

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As the legal cannabis market expands, a very practical business problem is getting more serious. How can a successful marijuana company protect its brand if it can’t legally patent its products? Cannabis is still different from other businesses in this regard. If you make soda pop, you can’t call it Coca-Cola. If you make a new laundry

Suit Against DEA Says New CBD Ban Is Unconstitutional

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An industry association and two hemp companies are arguing that the DEA’s new rule to make hemp-derived CBD oil a controlled substance should come under federal review. Their argument is not that rule is lame or pointless or that it seems to contradict the wishes of the American public and its increasing relaxed laws pertaining to marijuana a

The Air Force Is Now Cool With Stoners Signing Up

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The Air Force is getting ready to recruit a few good stoners. In the midst of a sweeping relaxation of its recruitmentment standards, the branch of the U.S. Armed Forces is giving potential Gooses and Mavericks a free pass on prior marijuana use, according to, a standard question for recruits was how many times they had smok

2 Out Of 3 Cops Support Legal Cannabis

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The next time you see a police officer bust somebody over a little weed, just know that they’re probably not doing what’s in their heart. A study from the Pew Research Center which surveyed roughly 8,000 law enforcement agents in the U.S. found that more than two thirds of them believe cannabis should be legal in either medical or recre

Hash Oil Explosion Sent Man Flying Through Air, Now It’s Sending Him To Jail

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In 2015, a hash oil extraction mishap sent Ryne Wilhelmi flying through the air. According to the Coloradoan man, a valve popped on his closed-loop system and then static electricity from his sweatshirt caught the leaking butane gas. That’s when his neighbors heard a loud explosion and saw the extractor rocket into the air. Amazingly, at the

“Just Say No” To Jeff Sessions, Says Drug Policy Alliance

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The US government under President Obama has worked to de-escalate the War on Drugs, an initiative started under Reagan which led to racially biased mass incarceration and was exemplified by mandatory minimum sentencing and Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. As a new White House initiative poses to re-wage the War on Drugs, the

Weed Advocate: Best Way To Protect Industry Is To Repeal Legalization

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A flood might be coming to the legal weed markets of the U.S., coming from Hurricane Trump and Tropical Storm Attorney General Jeff Sessions, two pro-Drug War, anti-cannabis politicians. If these storms do come, there is a good chance they might wipe out the progress states have made in legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. As cannabis adv

Nevada’s 2nd Largest City Might Reject Cannabis Legalization

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Nevada residents might want to hold off a second before celebrating the state’s brand new marijuana legalization. Those who reside in Henderson, the state’s second largest city, may have to wait at least a year to do any commercial activity related to recreational cannabis.The conflict demonstrates the tensions between state and local a

Feds Don’t Acknowledge Legal Pot As Job Creator, Despite Employing Over 100 K

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Despite the fact that the legal cannabis market supports at least 122,000 full-time jobs nationwide, the federal government is not acknowledging that it employs even one person. With a new self-proclaimed anti-marijuana Attorney General about to be put into office next week, the fact that the cannabis industries benefits are not being reported or e

Group To Give Out Free Joints At Trump’s Inauguration

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President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration is coming up fast. On January 20th, depending on your point of view, the country will either enter into an era of doom and autocracy or be saved from the swamp monsters who’ve been sucking the life out of it. One thing is for certain: the legacy of the United States isn’t the only thi

New Year Kicks Off With New Weed Laws In Florida, Maine, Nevada

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We’re just a few days into 2017, but I’ll bet you haven’t achieved as much this year as cannabis has so far. You’ve maybe thought about starting a new gym membership or being more aggressive about launching your app-based protein powder business, but cannabis has already gotten more legal across this great nation than it was

One Blaster Sues Another For Millions, Says BHO Explosion Caused By Taking A Dab

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Not all dab wars are fought at Secret Cups and in the marketplace. A dispute between two extractors is going to court in Oregon.Last week, Jacob Magley filed lawsuits against 11 business and three individuals for damages suffered when a butane hash oil lab Magley was working in blew up last October. Among the defendants is Higher Level Concentrates

Regular Pot Use Causes Eyesight Damage, Says Study

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Some lucky human guinea pigs had one of those “good news, bad news” situations recently. Good news was they got to contribute to global medical knowledge by getting high regularly. Bad news was that this regular high-getting has caused their eyesight to worsen, at least according to the findings of a French research team.The problem, as

Could We Ever Get 3-D Printed Cannabis?

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Global warming will one day wipe out the planet Earth. Prominent scientists say we’re probably in The Matrix and many others believe that human beings are a generation away from being the domesticated pets of AI robots. The future is so bright I gots to wear shades, but their also to cover up my red eyes from smoking so much.One of our bigges

Emerald Cup Winners Spotlight Best In Northern California Extracts and Flowers

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Roughly 30,000 people attended this year’s Emerald Cup this past weekend at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. As Northern California, one of the most notorious and celebrated hotspots for cannabis in the world, prepares to adjust to the new world of recreational legalization, this year’s Emerald Cup served as a marker to look at who were t

Colorado Raises Butane Limit 525% For Concentrates

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If you like your cannabis extracts of the ‘tane soup variety, then Colorado is soon to become your own personal Campbell’s factory. Beginning January 1, the limits on butane and other volatile solvents are going to be raised. Not by a little, by a lot.The limit on butane in marijuana concentrates is currently 800 parts per million in Co

DEA Gives Cannabis Extracts New Drug Code And Classification

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Extracts have hit the big time, at least in the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Administration, which on Wednesday announced a new classification for concentrates separate from that of the cannabis plant. Up until now, both the plant and derived extracts were treated under the same code, 7360, but beginning January 13, 2017 extracts will be listed und

Want To See How Humboldt County Voted On Proposition 64?

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Though Californians voted 57.1 percent in favor Proposition 64 last month, carrying the bill, some demographics were not so hot on the measure. Who were these groups who voted against the effort to legalize recreational marijuana in the Golden State? Among them was the growers of Humboldt County, one of the major hubs of cannabis production in Cali

CBD Hemp Oil Officially Designated Schedule I Drug By DEA

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The DEA just made its second major ruling on cannabis extracts in one week. The most recent one, announced Thursday, officially designates CBD cannabidiol hemp oil as a Schedule I drug, just like psychoactive cannabis (also just like heroin and ecstasy). This new change came just a day after another change in the way the DEA will treat extracts: ex

Some Cannabis Convicts In California Are Being Released After Prop 64

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It's looking to be an extra merry Christmas for Californians who've been convicted of felony marijuana charges. The District Attorney's Office in San Diego has already begun the process of repealing sentences, meaning some felons are going to find themselves with only a misdemeanor on their record and some current marijuana convicts are receiving e

Million Dollar Grant To Fund Dabbing Research

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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has just awarded researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder nearly a million dollars to study the effects of habitual dabbing on the brain’s cognitive functions, as reported by the University’s website. The study is believed by UCB to the first of its kind and is expected t

Here’s How The One Percent Gets High

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In our current form of capitalism, there has always got to be a champagne room, or a VIP pass, or a first class, or a box seat. There has to be an extra-special, extra expensive variety of every product or service so that those with more money than they can spend can find a way to spend some of it.But with marijuana, that’s a little bit of a

Why Can’t You Die From A Cannabis Overdose?

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It’s common knowledge that marijuana can’t kill you, but less common knowledge why it can’t kill you. After all, it is an effective and potent medicine. And many medicines, from opioids and barbiturates to aspirin and pseudoephedrine, can cause deadly overdoses. So, what gives with cannabis?It’s not just that cannabis is a p

Santa Claus Legend Comes From Magic Mushrooms, Says Harvard Professor

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Coca-Cola, Tim Allen, shopping malls. These are the some of the supposedly wholesome images that probably come to your mind when you hear the name “Santa Claus.” Of course, none of them are really that wholesome. Shopping malls killed the American small business (before it was killed off by online retail), Tim Allen was busted for traff

How Does The Wax Liquidizer Work?

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Cannabis review site 420 Pony announced this week the winner of their 2016 420 Product of the Year Award: the Wax Liquidizer. The Wax Liquidizer, if you don’t know, is a solution in a bottle that will, like it sounds, liquidize concentrates so that they can be used in a vape pen.A neat trick, but we were curious, since we couldn’t find

Fake News Hits Cannabis Industry With Rumor Of Newport Joints

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The cannabis industry has joined the ranks of Hillary Clinton now that a fake news meme has caught on regarding a major corporate interest entering into national marijuana distribution. The site TMZWorldNews ran an article last month titled “Newport Introduces ‘Marijuana Cigarettes’ That Will Go On Sale Next Year.”The story

Now You Can Get THC And CBD In Your Keurig Cups

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For those of you who are too square or too smart to ever try a speedball (a combo hit of cocaine and heroin), you’ll have the chance to do a PG version of the drug pairing when BrewBudz’s cannabis-coffee pods hit legal markets this winter and spring.The company is releasing Keurig-compatible cups full of marijuana extract and java, cann

Will Insurance Companies Cover Medical Marijuana?

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State legislators in New Mexico recently dropped a bill that would have allowed workers’ compensation insurers from having to pay for their client’s medical marijuana treatment. The bill could have set a dangerous precedent for patients across the country, especially ones who might choose opioid treatment over cannabis simply because th

US Isn’t The Top Weed-Smoking Nation. Guess What Is?

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Two prestigious non-partisan groups have released reports in recent weeks urging leaders to decriminalize, legalize, and regulate marijuana. The Adam Smith Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank based in the UK, put out a report titled “The Tide Effect: How the World is Changing its Mind on Cannabis.”The release, backed by a bunch

Hunter S. Thompson’s Personal Stash Is Being Cloned So You Can Smoke It

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Soon you will be able to smoke a cannabis flower cloned from the private stash of a man who killed himself and had his ashes fired out of a cannon shaped like a fist. If that isn’t the most stoner-ist story we could publish, then we don’t know what is.The weed of Hunter S. Thompson, the one time legendary Rolling Stone writer, the man w

Will California Follow Colorado’s Lead And Spend Pot Tax Dollars On Homelessness?

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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper put forward a proposal to put some of those mega-marijuana bucks the state is making off of marijuana taxes. He plans to put $12.3 million of recreational cannabis tax proceeds toward programs that would aid with rising homelessness in the state, as reported by the Denver Post.Colorado experienced a 6 percent inc

Why Only One Form Of CBD Is Federally Legal

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Summing up cannabis laws in the United States is nearly impossible. Just to give the gist of the complicated laws across the nation requires a map with six different color coded categories. And even that map ignores two basic facts about marijuana law. The first is that it’s almost all still technically illegal according to federal controlled

Man Executed For Pot As World Leaders Call For Global Decriminalization

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Two major global incidents in drug policy occurred in the tale end of November. In Singapore, a Nigerian national was executed for trafficking marijuana on the 18th. Meanwhile, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a group made of world leaders including several former presidents and prime ministers, issued a report calling for worldwide decriminal

An Expert Chef On How To Cook The Perfect Medicated Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is the day we Americans give thanks for all the good things in our lives. If you’re anything like us at Dabs Mag, then two of those things you’d want to give thanks for are cannabis and a great meal.Chef Chris Sayegh, a culinary expert known as “The Herbal Chef” who specializes in edible fine dining, recently ta

The Weed-Testing Gap Between Blue Collar And White Collar Workers

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Two thirds of Americans now live in a state with legal medical marijuana and roughly one out of five live in a place with legal recreational marijuana, but that doesn’t mean everyone in those areas has equal access to this legal weed. There seems to be a social gap in what kind of employees routinely get tested for marijuana and what kind don

Weed Is Getting Traded On New York Stock Exchange For First Time In History

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Just weeks after marijuana legalization took a big leap forward in America during this year’s election, the cannabis business is also reaching a major milestone. For the first time in history, a marijuana company is listing on a major stock exchange.An initial public offering from a company called Innovative Industrial Properties was approved

Trump’s Pick For AG Jeff Sessions Says “Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana”

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President Elect Donald Trump’s top pick for Attorney General is a hardliner against marijuana and may put state legalization and decriminalization measures in serious jeopardy if he comes to office.The good news on November 8 for anti-drug war, pro-marijuana legalization people was that they won a few good battles in this year’s electio

Medical Marijuana In California Will Be Tax-Free Until 2018 Due To Clerical Error

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A drafting mistake in the recently approved Proposition 64 could save California cannabis patients a few dollars next year while losing the state government hundreds of millions of dollars. While California was counting on an increase of marijuana tax revenue after ratifying the marijuana legalization measure, failure to specify a date in a crucial

What Exactly Will Denver’s New Public Consumption Law Let You Get Away With?

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A big victory for the normalization of cannabis use was won this week when Denver, Colorado became the first city in the United States of America to pass a law that will allow adults to use marijuana in public areas. The new ordinance passed as a ballot initiative by Denver voters."This is absolutely historic and ground-breaking," Emmett Reistroffe

Cops Mistake Hash Blasting Tube For Pipe Bomb, Freak Out

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Alameda County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad was called Monday night after authorities in East Oakland discovered what they thought was a pipe bomb. The object in question, a PVC-type plastic pipe capped at either end, was opened and ventilated by the bomb squad before they determined what it actually was: a butane cannabis blasting tube.Police found

Now You Can Buy Pre-Fabricated Compliant Hash Oil Labs

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A new way to process butane hash oil is being pushed in the media this week. FlexMOD Solutions showed up at the Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference & Expo last week with a new product: pre-fabricated, pre-packaged extraction lab, pre-certified for compliance in every state that allows hash oil manufacture. It’s called a “turnkey

Washington D.C. To Recognize Out-Of-State Marijuana Cards

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There are perks to living in a country full of contradictions. Even though the federal government still has a ban on cannabis and officially classifies it as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, our nation’s capital and the homebase of that same federal government just implemented one of the most permissive medical marijuana reciprocity program

Is PotCoin About To Make A Comeback As The Weed Industry’s Cryptocurrency?

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Ever since the establishment of a legal marijuana market, banking has been one of the major problems facing the industry. Because cannabis is still illegal at a federal level, it’s dicey for a bank to engage in business with them. The U.S. Treasury and Justice departments said they’ll leave banks alone, provided they watch their clients

The United States Of Cannabis: 8 Brand New Legal Pot State Laws

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America feels like a brand new country today. While most people might chalk that up to one of the most surprising upsets in US Presidential election, there might be another reason for this change in mood: a surplus of legal weed smoke.Tuesday was a banner day for cannabis legalization in the nation. Four states voted to legalize recreational mariju

Mormons In Conflict Over Views On Legal Cannabis

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There’s trouble in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While church leadership is urging its followers to vote against the slew of marijuana legalization propositions appearing on ballots Tuesday, some Mormons have reservations about the church’s stance.Last month, the three top leaders of the church (termed the “Firs

It Will Cost You $1 Million To Sell Medical Cannabis Oil In Texas Under Proposed Rule

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Every state and their mother are looking to implement legal marijuana programs. While some of these states are more-or-less rolling out the red carpet for cannabis business people, others (cough, cough, New York) have put a hundred hoops made of red tape between entrepreneurs and legal weed. In true Texas fashion, the Lone Star state may have just

Guy Actually Named Santa Claus Trying To Keep North Pole from Banning Weed

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It may be the worst thing to happen to the North Pole since the Abominable Snowman. In an effort to keep Alaska’s newly implemented legal cannabis market at bay, the town of North Pole has passed Proposition 7, a bill that will ban the sale of marijuana inside city limits. But that law won’t stand if a bearded guy who legally changed hi

Bad Robots Could Cost Anti-Marijuana Interests In Florida The Election

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Florida is probably going to pass a medical marijuana-legalizing measure next week. Polls have support of Amendment 2 topping 70 percent among voters, but the anti-MMJ peeps in the state are still going for a Hail Mary. After all, the same bill failed in 2014 by only two points, so it's worked before.The medical cannabis opposition took to the reas

California Cities Scramble To Enact Weed Bans Ahead Of State Legalization

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Not so fast, legal weed proponents of California. Just because the state is (almost definitely) going to legalize recreational marijuana after next week’s election doesn’t mean marijuana is actually going to be legal across the state.Cities all up and down the state are racing to put new bans and regulations in place to gum up the works

Colorado Set To Crackdown On Legal Pot Homegrows

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This may be the golden age of the legal cannabis market in Colorado. Compared to other states, it's relatively easy to stay legal without being regulated or taxed at all. While medical marijuana patients are allotted a whopping 99 plants (compare that to six in California), recreational users, who only get 6 plants, can combine forces into giant un

NorCal Blaster Claims Jail Denying Medical Care For Burns After BHO Explosion

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A severely injured Bay Area extractor is being jailed without proper treatment for his burns, claims the man’s attorney. William Micah Brown, 38, of Oakland, is being held on bail in the Martinez Detention Center while he awaits trial for three felonies, despite pleas from his lawyer Nataniel Johnson-Gottlieb that Brown is in need of immediat

What Is Cannabigerol & How Does It Affect Your Health And Your High?

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Did you know there are at least 85 types of cannabinoids in marijuana? THC and CBD get most of the spotlight, but those other 83 thingies aren’t just sitting their inactive. They can affect your high and your health.One of these unsung cannabinoids that’s been getting some play lately is cannabigerol (CBG). Two different medical compani

Cannabis Suppositories Could Be Most Efficient Ingestion Method, Says Study

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Methods of weed intake have got uber diversified over the last five years or so. Once the only way to get high was to roll up a fatty, but now we have more pathways to elevation than you can shake a blunt at. There’s old fashioned flower, new fashioned dabs, vape pens, edibles, tinctures, lip balms, and lube. But some in the medical marijuana

Pax Vapor Gets In On The Extracts Game With New Pax 3

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Whether you love them or you think they’re just OK, you got to hand it to Pax for running just about the best marketing in town when it comes to weed vapes. They got what few vape companies have, the love of the mainstream media. According to the company’s website, Forbes called their product, “luxury, sleek and stylish,” an

Tommy Chong Petitions Obama For Criminal Pardon

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As if Obama didn’t have enough to worry about. With the recent terrorist attacks in New York and New Jersey, Russia fronting on starting a cyber-war, having to campaign for the new Democratic Presidential nominee, and fighting three armed conflicts (one with ISIL, one in Afghanistan, and another in West-Pakistan), these lame duck months aren&

Blaster On The Run After BHO Explosion Killed Dogs

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A butane hash oil extractor is on the run from Florida officials after an explosion in his lab burned his house down. The Sheriff’s Office in Pasco County announced that Steven Brown, 24, and several other accomplishes fled Brown’s house after it caught fire on September 3, as reported by WTSP.Reports say that Brown and company hightail

Cops May Soon Have “Potalyzer” To Test Highness Of Drivers

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Scientists and law enforcement are inching closer to a functional breathalyzer for THC. The “potalyzer” is currently being perfected by researchers at Stanford University, according to The Mercury News.The new gadget is easy to use and can attach to a smartphone or laptop to give results within three minutes. The potalyzer requires a sa

California City Passes New Law To Stop BHO Extraction

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Beginning next month, police in Chino, California will have a whole new way to bust the city’s extraction artists. The city council passed a city ordinance on September 6 which prohibits buying or selling 1,200 milliliters of butane or more in a single transaction, as reported by the Daily Bulletin.The law, which goes into effect beginning Oc

Canada Official Says U.S. Needs To Lighten Up On Weed Law

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When Canada tells you that you’re being uncool, then you know your country has a problem. That’s exactly what happened last Friday when a Canadian government official called out the U.S. for its lame-as-hell policy of not letting in Canadians if they’ve used cannabis in the past.U.S. border agents caught some flack in 2014 after t

Nobody Knows If Smoking Weed While Pregnant Is Bad For The Baby

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There was some promising news last week for expecting mothers wanting to curb their morning sickness with a puff of purple kush. LiveScience published an article titled “Using Pot While Pregnant Not Tied to Birth Risks” reporting the results of a study which showed exactly what the headline makes it sound like.The only problem is that t

Painkiller Company Fights Legal Weed As Teens Switch To Pot From Opioids

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A pharmaceutical company specializing in a form of fentanyl, the painkiller that has caused a surge in overdoses across the nation as a result of being 30-50 times more potent than heroin, has contributed $500,000 to the campaign opposing cannabis legalization in Arizona.Fentanyl and cannabis have both been in the news a good bit lately. Cannabis h

Jay-Z, Michael K. Williams, Shailene Woodley Fight To Pass Legal Pot In California

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The new leader of the free world isn’t the only thing we’re voting for on November 8. Just in California, there are a whole mess of issues on the ballot, among them: repealing the death penalty, a slightly more strict gun law, making condoms in porn sex mandatory, repealing the plastic bag law for some reason, and, certainly not least o

Will Legalizing Weed In California Change Racial Profiling?

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The polls say that cannabis is almost certain to be legalized in California this year, but it’s uncertain how that will change policing in the Golden State. The best way to predict is to look at what’s happened to other states after legalization. If you look at arrest rates in Washington and Colorado, you’ll see some good news and

Anti-Pot Group Brings Back Poison Candy Urban Myth To Sway Voters

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Halloween is a good time to remember that some things just don’t stay buried. Like, for instance, zombies, or, for another instance, myths that are perpetuated to cause hysteria but which have no basis in fact. Unfortunately for us all, the urban legend of the poison Halloween candy has returned from the grave just in time to spook voters in

FDA Said Pot Is Not A Medicine Because Monkeys Get Addicted To It

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Maybe they’ll add bananas to the Schedule I controlled substances list now. When the DEA decided in their infinite witness not to reschedule marijuana from their list of the worst controlled substances in the US last spring, many were left scratching their heads.Cannabis has enjoyed a long shelf life in the Schedule I category of narcotics. S

Do Antidepressants and Cannabis Mix?

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Roughly ten percent of Americans smoke cannabis and about the same percent are on antidepressants, so it stands to reason that there are approximately a shitload of millions of Americans who use both concurrently. Strangely, there is not very much research on what effect the two classes of drug have when used in combination (or maybe it’s not

BHO Fire Could Be Explosive For Legal Extractors In Oregon

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An extraction lab in Astoria, Oregon exploded last Wednesday night, sending two employees to the local burn ward and posing new questions about concentrate regulations in the state. Though there has been no official ruling as to the cause of the explosion so far, investigating authorities from Oregon OSHA said that butane was a likely culprit, acco

Cannabis Can Improve Cognitive Function, Says Study

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In a big loss for the writers of D.A.R.E. curriculums everywhere, a new study released findings of a test which suggest that using cannabis can increase cognitive function in the human brain. And these statistics didn’t come from some fly-by-night stoner researchers, but from just about the most smartest place in the country.Researchers at Ha

Cannabis Microdosing Trend Catching On

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In these boom times of the legal marijuana market, there’s room for every niche available: flower stoners, dabaholics, medical patients, etc., etc. But a new one catching on might be the strangest yet: marijuana for people who don’t like marijuana that much.Cannabis industry insiders spoke of the new trend at the New West Summit marijua

Crystalline THCA Could Be The Hash Singularity

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The world of hash is approaching its singularity. Whereas the singularity of artificial intelligence will destroy your world from the outside, by oppressing us humans with a dystopian future reminiscent of either The Terminator or The Matrix, the hash singularity will melt your world from the inside as your brain is transformed by its first pure hi

IRS Increasing Audits Of Cannabis Businesses

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The legal weed industry continues its game of a Whac-A-Mole with the government as the IRS is increasing its scrutiny of marijuana businesses. The struggle to establish legit industry standards on par with alcohol or tobacco is a long and winding road. As soon as a state legalizes, the DEA comes in and steps on you. As soon as the DEA agrees to let

UK Government Admits Cannabis Extracts Can Be Medicinally Beneficial

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The UK has been way ahead of the US on a lot of things in the two countries’ history: ruling the world, the abolishment of slavery, The Beatles, The Office, tea. And now we can add one more notch to their belt: federally acknowledging the medicinal benefit of cannabis.Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA),

Oregon Extractors Say State Regulations Will Put Them Out Of Business

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Though all concentrates and edibles in Oregon are required to be quality tested before they hit the shelves, the state has only 18 accredited and approved cannabis laws, four four of which are approved for necessary pesticide tests. Concentrate companies in the state are complaining that they are being forced to wait indefinite periods of time for

Damian Marley Jumps Into The Extracts Market In California

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Damian Marley has never seemed shy about following in his father Bob’s footsteps. Though not the iconic recording legend that Bob Marley was, Damian has made his mark as a musician, with Gold Records and Grammy Awards to prove it. And now, like his father before him, Damian is getting into the cannabis business, in particular the flower and e

Oakland To Give Half Its Pot Licences To Victims Of Drug War

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The wave of legal marijuana markets sweeping over the country is becoming a vital part of ending America’s long and destructive drug war. Simply decriminalizing marijuana has the potential to take a major tool of oppression away from police forces which target minorities. Extract manufacturers in Northern California have even turned an old pr

Medical Cannabis Extracts Finally Legal In Michigan

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Governor Rick Snyder signed a seriesof laws last month to regulate the state’s MMJ program, making cannabis concentrates and medical marijuana dispensaries legal for the first time in the state’s history.Though legal medical marijuana has technically existed in Michigan since 2008, no one was sure what was legal and what wasn’t. U

The Ancient Chinese Bred Weed For Potency, Archaeologists Find

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Archaeologists in northwest China have come upon an "extraordinary cache" of ancient weed in a burial site. Evidence points to the ancient people of the Turpan Basin using cannabis for a variety of purposes: spiritual, medicine, and (most importantly, it seems) to get lifted.Researchers in the area are finding fossils of super heady buds. Fossils o

Why A Third Of California Pot Growers Oppose Legalization

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A recent survey given by the California Growers Assn. to 770 of its members revealed a major divide in the cannabis industry. 31 percent said they opposed Proposition 64, the measure that could legalize marijuana in California if voters go for it next month. An equal percentage of members said they supported the measure while 38 percent remained un

US Government Developed Cannabis Extract For Prisoner Interrogation

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When the US government went full throttle into World War II, some got better deployments than others. If you got the short end of the stick, you were a G.I. parachuting into Nazi-occupied Poland. But if you were lucky, you were sitting in some cozy office, making hash oil and experimenting on it.According to declassified government documents publis

Advocate Charlo Greene Could Get 54 Years In Prison For Operating Pot Club

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Outspoken cannabis advocate Charlo Greene may face 54 years of prison time after a series of raids on her cannabis club in Alaska resulted in charges of ten felony and four misdemeanor charges for various drug offenses.The severity of the charges seems ridiculous, considering they are for operating the equivalent of cannabis dispensary (the kind yo

Entire Neighborhood Hot-Boxed As Cannabis House Burns To Ground

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Residents of a culd-de-sac in the English town of Salford got a “free high” after a house containing a large illegal cannabis farm caught fire, according to the Manchester Evening News.Most of the residents were not too happy about the second-hand doobage. The smoke was described as “pungent,” “horrendous,” and &

DEA Trying To Schedule I “Medicinal Herb” Kratom. Is This Cannabis All Over Again?

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The Drug Enforcement Administration released a letter on August 31 stating its intention to add kratom to the list of Schedule I controlled substances, joining the ranks of the most dangerous narcotics such as heroin, LSD and, of course, marijuana.Those who have followed cannabis’ ongoing struggle to have its scheduling status changed might s

Appeals Court Rules No Guns For Medical Marijuana Cardholders

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Pothead gun nuts might soon have to choose between their buds and their bullets. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld last week a mandate from the ATF that prohibiting the sale of guns to medical marijuana cardholders, as reported by the Alaska Dispatch News.This all started  back in 2011 when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms,

Hash Oil Bust At Canada Border Postpones Reggae Singer Luciano’s Tour

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Reggae Singer Luciano is the latest celebrity to have his career tripped up by a cannabis extract bust. Pollstar reports that authorities at the U.S./Canada border revoked the Jamaican artist’s visas after discovering the controlled substance in an herbal medication he was using.Luciano is a best-selling reggae singer/songwriter and was nomin

Extract Dealer Tells Judge “You Dab It Like Cam Newton” In Court

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Though the popularity of dabbing has been skyrocketing in the last few years, a lot of people still need some education when it comes to just how cannabis concentrates work. Fortunately for an ignorant judge in South Carolina, he was lucky enough to be schooled on the ways of wax by a hash dealer during a sentencing Thursday.When Adam Robert Harris

California Bill Passes To Make Extraction Formally Legal

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Cannabis extraction has always been under a dark cloud. While possession and use of medical concentrates made with chemicals have been legal for years, manufacturing concentrates has been legally iffy at best. But that will all change once California Assembly Bill 2679 is put into effect. The bill was given the go-ahead by the Business, Professions

Gunfire Brings Police To Extraction Lab In Palm Springs

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The Palm Springs Police discovered a hash oil extraction lab Monday after responding to reports of gunfire. One man was arrested and another hospitalized for head trauma, according to The Desert Sun.In the aftermath, authorities caught wind of an “active honey oil lab,” in the words of Sgt. William Hutchinson. "Honey oil labs can cause

Nurses Refuse To Give Hospitalized Child CBD Oil For Chronic Seizures

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Nurses in Toronto are refusing to administer CBD oil to a child suffering from a rare genetic condition, according to CBC News. 11 year-old Francesco Niembro experienced from two to ten seizures per a day as a result of CFC (cardio-facio-cutaneous) syndrome.When he received a prescription for CBD oil and started taking treatments, the frequency of

California Growers Try To Preserve Quality Before Legal Weed Dam Bursts

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Cannabis growers in California are mimicking fine wine branding in an effort to separate their product from the increasing quantity of cheaply produced, lower quality weed hitting the state marketplace.Cultivators in Mendocino County are attempting to gain legal status that will certify their pot was grown in a specific geographical region, and the

New Concern Could Sway Californians From Voting For Legal Weed

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For many, legal cannabis in California looks like a done deal. In the polls, at least 60 percent of Californians said they’d vote in favor of Prop. 64, the ballot initiative which would put legal marijuana in place this November.But nothing’s over till it’s over, and the anti-Pop. 64 people are determined to find a way to poison v

Study Finds Adding Terpenes Might Make Extracts Toxic

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The mass use of cannabis extracts is such a new phenomenon that learning something new about its effects shouldn’t be too surprising. But that didn’t stop us from being a little rattled by the findings of a new study from the University of Pernambuco in Brazil.According to the study, though naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis have

MMA Fighter Nate Diaz Hits Weed Vape Pen During Press Conference

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A whole lot of athletes are calling out for authorities to permit medical cannabis in their leagues. Pro football players are saying the NFL should get on the weed train and a bunch of NBA players advocated last year that the league re-consider their 420-unfriendly laws. But you got to hand it to MMA fighter Nate Diaz for being the first athlete we

Did The Federal Government Really Take Out A Patent On Weed?

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Some rumours are flying around about the U.S. government’s patent number 6,630,507. Does it give the government exclusive rights to sell weed? Does it revoke cannabis’s status as a Schedule I Controlled Substance?Some were so outraged by the news of the government-owned marijuana patent that they started a social media campaign of writi

Weed Grow Op Caused Major California Wildfire

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Officials have determined that a Northern California wildfire that consumed 43 homes last year was caused by an illegal cannabis cultivation operation, as reported by the Associated Press.The blaze’s culprit was a makeshift water heater which the growers had installed near their 100 plant farm. “It was strapped to a tree. Quite inventiv

Why Is A Gov’t Funded Health Group Calling Dabbing Addictive and “Crack”?

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Google “hash oil” and the very first entry that will come up, even before a Wikipedia entry, is a site titled “The Dangers Of Dabbing - Educate Yourself On The Dangerous‎ New Marijuana Trend.” It’s listed as an ad, which means somebody is paying good money to make sure that the first impression hash oil makes on so

Die Antwoord’s Cannabis Concentrates Are Going To Make You Freeky

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Now there’s one more way to get weird. South Africa’s freaky artsy rap-pop duo Die Antwoord are prepping a line of pot concentrate products to release in conjunction with their upcoming album Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.The group’s Yolandi Visser and Ninja are teaming with Northern California’s Natural Cannabis Company

Will CRISPR Make Weed Danker And More Medicinally Effective?

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It’s the dawning of a new genetic age. The CRISPR/Cas9 technology is going to make editing DNA, according to many geneticists, as easy and almost as cheap as editing a document in Microsoft Word. That could mean major breakthroughs in disease treatment and prevention, particularly when it comes to diseases that sprout from genetic predisposit

Hillary Says She’ll Reschedule Weed If Elected. Can She Even Do That?

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The DEA’s decision to stay steadfastly anti-marijuana legalization, even in the face of growing tolerance and embrace of the plant by state and local authorities, was expected. It didn’t change much, but it did bring the question of national legalization to the forefront.Politicians all over the country have commented on the decision. O

Dispensary Manage Foils Armed Robbers In Seattle

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A Seattle dispensary manager got the best of two armed robbers without even having to leave his couch. Damon Martinez was at home Sunday night watching live security camera footage from his dispensary Have a Heart in North Seattle when he saw two gunmen enter the establishment.The masked robbers held the collective’s security guard at gunpoin

Can Olympic Athletes Smoke Weed?

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For most athletes who compete in the Olympic Games, it’s the peek of their career. A lifetime of training, discipline and sacrifice all pay off for those exceptionally skilled and lucky few. Which is cool, but can they even smoke weed though?The answer is simple enough: yes, no, and sort of.YesFor many years, cannabis was a no-go for Olympic

Is Now The Time To Buy Cannabis Stocks?

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Scotts Miracle-Gro, the lawn and garden supplies company that’s been in business since 1868, just saw its stocks hit an all-time high of $80.14 a share. The reason: cannabis. How do we know that? Because an even more storied institution, JP Morgan, the banking powerhouse that’s been buying and selling American and half the world since 1

Does Cannabis Extract Work As Mosquito Repellent?

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Summer is a wonderful time for stoners; some sunshine and swimming pools and ice cream trucks go together well with a nice burning spliff. But it’s also a wonderful time for mosquitoes, who get to enjoy all that human flesh that short shorts and swimsuits offer. So, a stoner who’s all about efficiency might wonder if they couldn’t

FDA OK’s Liquid THC, DEA Likely To Give It Schedule III

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The FDA is greenlighting the prescription of a new liquid THC solution, but only for patients in really rough shape. Syndros, a synthetic cannabinoid for oral use put out by the pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics, Inc., is to be prescribed for treating anorexia in AIDS patients and vomiting and nausea in cancer patients receiving chemotherap

Oregon Teen Faces One Year Prison Sentence For A Gram Of Weed

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There’s something funky going on over at the offices of the US attorney’s office. Actually, there are probably a bunch of funk-smelling activities going on there, but we’re just going to talk about one in particular today. Namely, that the same office that investigates domestic acts of terror and drug-smuggling rings is for some a

Time Suck: Here’s A Map Of The Highest Places In The Country

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If you’re planning a road trip and want to be able to stay high off secondhand fumes the whole way, if your Pink Floyd butts poster is getting wrinkled and you need a new 420-friendly decoration for your room, if you’re one of those stoners who like to sound smart by giving out weed statistics while you’re passing the rig around,

Even Republicans Support Marijuana Legalization Now, Says Poll

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Presidential candidates aren’t the only thing republicans seem to be changing their minds about right now. Looks like even the grand old party of traditional values and conservative living is shrugging their shoulders and saying “fuck it” when it comes to anti-marijuana laws. For the first time ever, more Republicans support canna

Is Weed Content Taking Over TV?

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Snoop Dogg made a public appearance promoting the new MTV sitcom Mary + Jane, a show the rapper is executive producing,last weekend. The Doggfather’s passion project follows two twenty-something women in the hipster mecca of Silverlake, Los Angeles as they sell weed and date and stuff. In addition to executive producing, Snoop has also record

DEA Puts In Order For Over 1,000 Pounds Of Weed

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If you think your weed habit was bad just because you have to go back to the dispensary and replenish your supply on a daily basis, then maybe you’ll feel better to know that the amount of cannabis you’re consuming is nothing compared to the Drug Enforcement Administration.The federal agency put in a preliminary order of 472,000 grams o

Who Won The First High Times Concentrates Cup?

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This week will go down in history. Hard to say how exactly history will remember it, but we at Dabs Mag are thinking that a few generations down the line, the world will have forgotten about horrifying shootings and bombings and American political conventions, and instead remember the the very first High Times Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.&nbs

Scientists Discover How Much Weed Is In The Average Joint For Some Reason

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An Ivy League professor and a storied global think tank have pooled their resources and compiled more than a decade of statistics to find exactly how much weed is in one joint, for some reason.Greg Ridgeway, an associate professor of criminology and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania, worked with Beau Kilmer of the RAND Corporation, and t

California Voters Will Decide Whether Pot Taxes Help Homeless

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Voters in the Golden State are going to have a lot of decisions to make come November. They need to pick which Presidential candidate they hate they least, they got to decide whether they want weed (they do), and they’ll also choose whether some of the proceeds of legal marijuana sales are going to go to help the state’s homeless popula

Study: States With Medical Marijuana Have Better, Healthier Workers

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The best way to keep employees from slacking is to give them medical marijuana, according to a new study. At least that’s the simplified version of a recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s results.States with legal medical marijuana programs experience a substantial decline in the number of days that workers call in s

Crooked Cops In Unlawful Santa Ana Dispensary Raid Off Police Force

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Three police officers who took part in an unlawful and deeply asshole-ish raid on a Santa Ana dispensary last year are now off the police force, as reported by The Cannabist.We reported on the incident last summer, when the attorney representing Sky High Holistic released a video of the 5-0’s misconduct. When that video was first released, at

E-Nail Entrepreneurs Bring Dabbing To The Yuppies

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For sellers in the current cannabis market, it’s not just about how you grow bud or blast your concentrates; it’s about how you market yourself. How many stickers and hat pins are you willing to print up and hand out? How big are your promotional giveaways at cannabis festivals? How much sweat are you willing to pour into your social me

Legalizing Pot Will Hurt Cartels, Improve Schools, Says Arizona Billboard

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The debate over legal marijuana in Arizona is a dog fight right now, with both sides doing a lot of growling. While pro-cannabis group Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona has just turned in the signatures required to get their measure on the ballot, the anti-cannabis folk are suing them, claiming that their methods to gather sign

Police Try To Pin Drug Deal On Pokémon Go Players

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There’s a new scourge on the health and safety of the people of the world. Just as dangerous as any devil weed and at least ten times as available to kids. Just five days after this new plague on the human race, it’s being used by more than 7.5 million people, and has caused the attempted invasion of an Australian police station, been u

Democrats Vote To Support “Pathway” To Legalized Cannabis

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Weed prohibition came into the crosshairs during a Democratic Party committee meeting Saturday. After a series of scuffles over how to un-harshen national marijuana laws, an amendment that aims to create a "reasoned pathway to future legalization" received support, as reported by The Washington Post.The first version of the proposal demanded that t

Science Studies Effects Of Cannabis Extracts On Ex-NFL Players

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Life doesn’t stop being sweet after you retire from the NFL. You don’t have the thrill of pitting your mind and body against the best players in the world every Sunday, but you do get to talk on ESPN in a nice suit or maybe do Pepsi commercials. And that perfected body and mind you had are now full of scar tissue and concussions, but ma

Concentrates Get Their Own Cannabis Cup In San Bernardino

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This year the extracts market in California is going to test its limits. After a two weekend SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino last February, a U.S. Cannabis Cup in the same venue only two months later, the NorCal Cannabis Cup in June, and the three day hash and art festival supreme Chalice California happening later this week (again, in San Ber

Jamaica Planning To Add Weed Licensing Kiosks To Airports

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The Jamaican government has plans to install medical marijuana license kiosks at air and seaports in the immediate future, making acquiring legal weed as easy as possible for visiting tourists. These kiosks will not, as many news outlets are inexplicably reporting, issue cannabis products to tourists via vending machines.The country’s Cannabi

Colombia Aims To Give Legal Marijuana Jobs To Its Guerrilla Rebels

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The Colombian may try to kill two birds with one stone by employing former rebels in the country’s new medical marijuana market. The nation is in the middle of retooling both its drug policies and peace negotiations with guerilla fighters. Last year, Colombia legalized medical marijuana and, just last week, the government signed an historic c

LA County Extends Ban On MMJ Business In Unincorporated Areas

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Though California is likely to go fully cannabis legal by 2017, LA County supervisors voted Tuesday to extend by a full year a temporary ban on all medical marijuana growing, distribution, and testing in unincorporated areas, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.The move is meant to halt the the lightning-fast progress of the cannabis industry in t

Which Major Religions Are Most And Least Cannabis Friendly?

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What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is there a god? Is a bong better than a blunt? These are the eternal questions of mankind. We recently looked to the major religions of the world for spiritual guidance in questions of getting high. Here’s what we found from each of the world’s six most popular belief systems...JudaismI

What’s It Like Being A Professional Weed and Concentrate Tester?

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The more legal marijuana markets there are in the country, and the more regulations there are in those markets, the bigger the business of weed testing gets. Every state has their own unique priorities and testing specs. Colorado’s weed regulators look unusually hard at pesticide use, recalling crops left and right. California has no strict q

60% Of California Voters Down For Legal Weed Ballot

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Things are looking better and better for legal recreational pot in California’s near future. Not only has the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which will appear on the state ballot this November, secured its quota for signatures (way ahead of schedule and over the minimum) and got a big bankroll behind it, it also has the support of 60 percent of

Willie Nelson Is Hiring An Extraction Artist Right Now And You Can Be It

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Willie Nelson wants you to be his new extraction artist. The county music legend is adding concentrates to his line of Willie’s Reserve cannabis products and he’s looking for at least one good peep to get that hash oil super fire, according to the company’s jobs page.CO2 looks to be the solvent of choice, judging from the Reserve

Why Brexit Is Going To Suck For English Stoners

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With all that head-spinning craziness going on in the UK right now over the Brexit, right now might be the perfect moment for an English pothead to enjoy a tasty spliff to take their mind off of things. The only problem is that leaving the European Union could be making it a lot harder for British bud fans to procure anything to roll inside that sp

American Commits Suicide In Taiwanese Court After Weed Sentence

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An American citizen committed suicide in court last week after receiving a four-year sentence for possession of cannabis and opium.The 41 year-old expatriate, Tyrel Martin Marhanka, used a pair of scissors, which he had separated into two blades and smuggled into court, to stab himself on both sides of the neck, according to the Taipei Times. Marha

DEA Probably Not Going To Reschedule Cannabis Anytime Soon

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Anyone who read that news article that was floating around last week, the one about how the DEA was definitely going to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug this summer, probably thought “that sounds too good to be true.” And they were right, according to an interview with a DEA official in aNewDomain.The dubious article in questi

Why Is LA Weekly Comparing Dabs To Crack and Heroin?

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The news fervor over the dangers of hash oil has died down a little lately. This time last year, headlines were full of fear-mongering sentiments such as “Butane hash oil labs; the danger next door” and “emerging drug crisis.” News outlets chewed on that toy until the air had pretty much gone out of it, but we’re not s

Extract Use Up 125% In Colorado, Way More Than Flower

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Anybody with an oil rig or a vape pen knows that extracts are the cannabis variety of choice at the moment, but now there’s some math and science to back it up. Sales of legal concentrates in Colorado are up 125 percent in Colorado, according to stats from BDS Analytics reported by Marijuana Business Daily.The sales data compares markets in t

Microsoft Is The First Major Corporation To Enter Cannabis Industry

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The Microsoft cloud just got a whole lot smokier, and the cannabis world just got a little bit squarer. The monolithic tech giant announced Thursday that it has joined forces with KIND Financial to create a cloud-based software that helps state and local governments track and regulate cannabis production and retail from seed to sale.Though the baji

Anti-Pot Group SAM Compares Cannabis To Gun Violence After Orlando Tragedy

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Cannabis prohibitionists need to find some better people to represent them in the media. D.A.R.E. has shown themselves in recent years to be a bunch of clowns, Safe Streets Alliance has been revealed as kind of evil, and now the vocal group SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) has proven to be a little bit of both.After the tragedy which befell the

AbsoluteXtracts, Others Raided In Northern California Hash Oil Sweep

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It’s bad news for California’s cannabis concentrates today, as at least six properties related to a nonprofit extracts company were raided in a co-ordinated sweep by the Santa Rosa Police Wednesday. The raids, which have resulted in the arrest of at least nine individuals, were all connected to Care By Design, a company that produces a

BHO Use Way Up In US, Canada, Says Survey

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In the dab revolution, it seems that the US is still way ahead of the global curve. At least, according to the 2016 Global Drug Survey, which debuted its findings today.The survey says that use of BHO is at 6.4 percent of the US population, up roughly a third from last year’s 4.2 percent. Just over a third of marijuana users in the US used BH

Colorado Bans Gummies, Alaska Approves First Cannabis Licenses

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The lord of cannabis moves in mysterious ways. When a door closes, a window opens. It giveth and it taketh away. Yay, though Colorado tightens its cannabis permissiveness, Alaska loosens up. Such is the ebb and flow, the yin and yang of weed law doctrine in these United States.First the bad news. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill Friday

Is There A Cool And Useful Way For Parents And Kids To Talk About Weed?

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Parents right now might be at their all time coolest. You’ve seen them. Moms and dads with neck tattoos pushing strollers and sneaking hand-rolled cigarettes during nap time. Tatted up hip ‘rents are going to have a hard time telling their kids not to do all the shit that they definitely did fifteen years ago (and probably still do). So

2 Shot In Attempted Robbery At LA Marijuana Dispensary

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Two men are shot and in critical condition after an attempted robbery at a Los Angeles dispensary Wednesday morning.Wearing body armour and carrying at least one assault rifle, the two entered HP Med Collective in Walnut Park, an area just south of Huntington Park, according to CBS Los Angeles. There’s no word on why the arsenal carried by th

LA Bar Selling Cannabis Cocktails To Patrons Without Rec Cards

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Somehow the yuppies have beaten the dabbed out: the first bar in LA to legally serve cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks is a vegan-friendly, overpriced (but pretty good) Mexican fusion restaurant in West Hollywood.Gracias Madre is now offering three new cocktails, all either shaken or stirred with a weed-derived tincture, according to the Los Angele

Naked Man Leads Sacramento Police To Extraction Lab

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The art of extraction is still a young one and there are many lessons yet to be learned in the perfection of the science and business of cannabis concentrates. An alleged blaster in Sacramento last weekend taught the 710 world one such valuable lesson: if you pass out naked in front of your apartment with your front door open and exposing your extr

FDA OK’s Amphetamine Candy For Kids While Pot Gummies Face Scrutiny

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Kids today don’t know how good they got it. Back in my day, if you wanted to get a fix of amphetamines on top of a sugar rush, you had to purchase your speed and candy from two different vendors. Luckily for the new generation of youngsters, they’ll never know our hardships, since that the good people at Neos Therapeutics have released

Why Did Toronto Police’s Massive Raid Of Dispensaries?

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Toronto police conducted a sweep of dispensaries across the city on Thursday morning. The operation, known as “Project Claudia” is targeting 45 dispensaries, according to Leafly.There’s no word of any criminal charges, as of Thursday afternoon, but Toronto’s Municipal Standards Officers have issued zoning and municipal by-la

Twista’s Cannabis Possession Charges Dropped

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Indiana popo has dropped multiple possession charges against rapper Twista. The musician was arrested back in March en route to a concert in South Haven.Local authorities have been quick to say that Twista’s arrest, and the arrest of three others found with him, was not based on a profiling of their race or profession in the hip-hop industry.

Veterans Finally Get Government Support For Medical Marijuana

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The government is finally going to give veterans a little assistance in getting their medical marijuana. After years of failed attempts on the part of lawmakers and marijuana advocates, the House of Representatives Thursday voted to allow doctor-recommended cannabis into the Veterans Administration health program.The legislation, called the Veteran

Cali Cops & Prison Guards Funding Anti-Legalization Effort

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California’s police and prison guards are heavily funding an effort to oppose the upcoming marijuana legalization ballot measure. Various groups and PACs representing law enforcement and prison staff account for approximately half of a legalization opposition known as the Coalition for Responsible Drug Policies, according to a report from The

Alaska To Open Nation’s First Cannabis Clubs, With Limits On Dabbing

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The good news is that Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office has issued its draft regulations for the on-site consumption of cannabis, which would make the state the first in the union to legally allow getting stoned in a pot shop if they are adopted by the Marijuana Control Board.The bad news is that these regulations are so strict th

Pennsylvania MMJ Law Allows Dabs, Sucks Otherwise

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If you’re a Pennsylvanian who’s been waiting eagerly to dab medical concentrates legally then today is a big day for you. For many others with a stake in the state’s medical marijuana bill, it’s a small victory at best, and a severe compromise at worst.Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 3 on Wed

General Mills And Other Conglomerates Target Stoners With 4/20 Ads

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What a world where an organic medicine needs to be lent legitimacy by junk food advertisements. But, for better or worse, that world is our world, bitches, and it’s one in which ad companies working for conglomerate businesses are more in line with the times than America’s judicial system.A clever-ish billboard ad in Denver is making wa

How Big A Threat Is Big Business To California Cannabis Industry?

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For those in California’s cannabis business, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that if you want to make money selling bud or extracts, it’s getting more and more legal to do so. A new state law will allow cannabis companies to legally profit from their goods and the recreational market is likely to open up soon.The

State Officials In A Tizzy After South Dakota Indian Tribe Gets Legal Weed

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The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe has officially voted 5-1 in their executive committee to legalize the growing and use of marijuana on their tribal lands. One location for recreational use has also been included with this approval. No marijuana would be allowed to leave tribal lands, but even if that stipulation is followed to a T, tribe members co

Top 5 Dabbing With Dad Stories

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We know it's late, but this Father's Day, the only list DabsMag was worried about was the Top 5 Dad Dabs-- an epic fan mail call-in, asking you, the Dabsers of the mighty Unitey, to give us your best Dad Dabs stories. Choosing from thousands of accounts-- ranging from Dabbing with Dad to Dabbing on Dad, our staff cut the crop down to a favorit

Massachusettes Gets Its Very First Dispensary

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It took three years for Massachusetts to turn a ballot question approving the limited sale of medicinal marijuana into a reality; the state’s first dispensary is finally set to open this summer. On Friday, Gov. Charlie Baker issued a one-time waiver to allow the Alternative Therapy Group to begin selling medical marijuana. Regulations in the

Weed Is Getting Much, Much Cheaper Under Legalization

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The law of supply and demand doesn't always make sense. It's been a little over a year since Colorado began to allow stores to sell marijuana for recreational use, and somehow (according to a study by NY-based brokerage company Convergex), sales are up, and prices are down. Here's what the study had to say:Since last June, the average price of

These 7 States Have MMJ But Suck At Treating Patients

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In seven or more states where medical marijuana is legal, the actual programs designed to implement the laws are restricting the ability of patients to get their weed. As a result of bureaucratic hurdles and lack of weed-friendly government officials, these states are struggling to enact laws to make medical marijuana accessible, even as

You Can Fail A Drug Test By Just Touching Weed, According To Better Drug Tests

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It turns out you don't need to actually get high to fail a drug test. A study by the University of Freiburg in Germany found that by just rolling a joint, without every smoking it, one can produce a false positive drug test. Researchers had 10 participants roll a joint over five consecutive days, and by the fifth day, most participants ha

Most Doses On Edible Labels Are Bogus, Study Confirms

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Let’s just call it a guessy estimate and guesstimate that you’ll probably get real high if you eat a whole and less high if you only eat a half. That’s about as good as labeled dosages can do, according to a new study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).What these mean mamma-JAMAs found in studying

Now The Feds Are Going To Help Test Our Sewage To See How Much Weed We’re Smoking

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The federal government and associate chemistry professor Dan Burgard are tired of your fucking lies. Poll after poll says this many people smoke that amount of such-and-such kind of weed and sales records say that county x sells y more ounces per parsec than that county z. But how do they know? How do they really know that’s not all just fuck

U.S. Cannabis Cup Moving To California In Latest Sign Of Legal Trouble For Pot Festivals

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No such thing as a big honking cannabis festival without legal troubles. As surely as rain makes you wet and snow makes you cold, a mass party celebrating a controlled substance is going to bring complications from the law. A few months ago Emerald Cup barred concentrates from its competition, likely because of California’s complicated legal

New Study To Shed Light On Effects Of Smoking Weed While Pregnant

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Part of the reason why marijuana still being a controlled substance is super lame is that it makes it a lot harder than it should be to perform medical research on the stuff. Though people have been smoking reefer since time out of mind, most medical data on it is pretty recent and often times unconfirmed.Using cannabis while pregnant is generally

How Weed Is Fueling Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

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In this brutal election cycle, the candidates need anything they can get their hands on to fuel their tough-going campaigns through whirlwinds of email scandals and dick size comparisons. For Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, that fuel is a record-breaking number of small donations and, like any campaign worth talking about, a littl

The Bigoted Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in America

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America is in the midst of an attempt to right the wrongs of its past. Ending racially motivated police violence and creating equal opportunities in employment and education have become major priorities for the socially and politically conscious in the last several years.Marijuana legalization and regulation might sound at first like an issue separ

D.A.R.E. Stopped Calling Weed A Gateway Drug

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An important part of keeping America’s kids off drugs is showing them a little understanding and knowing that when they make mistakes, it’s just because they’re confused and still figuring things out. Similarly, it’s important to show D.A.R.E. a little understanding now and then, since the group has repeatedly proven themsel

Massive White House Sesh Announced By Pot Activists

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These are politically turbulent days. This week alone saw a racially-charged Oscars Ceremony and the GOP finding itself with a presidential candidate that they’re not all that into. And now some activists, along with comedian/TV host/political commentator Bill Maher, are throwing one more political issue into the mix: weed.“Stop treatin

A Lab Tech Faked A Weed Lab Test And Now 7,000 Cases Are Under Review

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It’s a good day to be a New Jersey drug dealer. One lazy lab technician in the Garden State has compromised nearly 8,000 criminal cases, and the result may be the release and/or record expunction of many convicted of drug crimes.Kamalkant Shah, a laboratory technician for the State Police, was accused of “dry labbing” a sample of

How To Effectively Clean Your Dab Rig

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It’s inevitable– dab rigs get gunked up after sufficient use and at some point down the road, every glass-owner needs to learn how to effectively clean their setup. A dirty piece not only looks and smells bad, it affects flavor and can potentially reduce the amount of vapor actually inhaled. Though there are several products marketed sp

How Legalizing Cannabis Extractions Will Decrease BHO Explosions

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The production of marijuana-derived products, like marijuana wax and hash oil, are a common cause of lab explosions throughout the country. The risk of an explosion rises when a laboratory uses any kind of alcohol solvent. But it also rises when the people working in the laboratory are untrained.Cannabis extractions will always be popular, as they

How to Make Solventless Wax: Dry Ice Extraction Method

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When most people think of hash these days, the first thing that comes to mind is the BHO shatter and wax that has become so popular within the last few years. The development of closed-loop extraction systems and vacuum ovens built specifically for concentrates have caused many high-end producers to shift away from traditional hash-making

B-Real On His New Dispensary And Coming Cypress Album

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B-Real is what you might call a renaissance man. Between distributing his own strains of kind under the Dr. Greenthumb label, designing the award-winning joint accessory Phunky Feel Tips, running his own 420-friendly web TV channel, and licensing his soon-to-be opening dispensary in Santa Ana, you might be prone to forget that, oh yeah, the dude is

Cannabis Tourists Flooding Colorado Hospitals With Weed-Related Health Troubles

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Coloradan emergency rooms are getting more and more familiar with cannabis-related injuries and ailments, according a study reported by The Cannabist. But the explanation isn’t as simple as more legal cannabis equaling more cannabis-related health problems.The number of weed-related visits to the University of Colorado Hospital nearly doubled

Stoners Think Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking, According To Survey

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The future is now. We’re still missing many of the farout gizmos promised by movies: not many hover cars, no moon colonies, not a single killer robot. But we do have at least one invention that proves human civilization has progressed in the 21st century. We can now smoke weed without having to actually smoke anything.And the cannabis communi

California Activist Group Giving Away 10,000 Pounds Of Weed

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Pro-cannabis group Weed4Votes is claiming that it will give away 10,000 pounds of weed as part of its efforts to legalize the stuff recreationally in 2016. As the group’s name suggests, it uses marijuana as incentive for California residents to participate in the cause.The group isn’t handing out the bud directly. There are a couple of

Shatter Vs. Wax Vs. Sugar

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There’s no question that we’re living in a golden age for concentrates— a greater federal tolerance for the marijuana industry and the widespread availability of extraction “tech” has dramatically increased the amount of concentrate available to patients and recreational users alike. However, the explosion in popularit

How To Make Your Own Hash Oil Capsules

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Consuming cannabis orally is one of the most effective ways to benefit from its medicinal properties. In contrast to smoking or vaping where a majority of cannabinoids remain unabsorbed by the lungs, edibles allow the body to absorb ~95% of all active cannabinoids which allows for less material to be used to achieve the desired effec

Terpenes: Medicinal Benefits and Characteristics

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THC has often been the chief concern of growers, patients and connoisseurs for decades but experiments have shown that Cannabis can contain dozens of active cannabinoids and hundreds of another class of active chemicals known as ‘terpenes.’ Though often overlooked, terpenes have long been known to possess powerful me

Hash Dealers Beheaded In Saudi Arabia

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Don’t take that next dab for granted. While you’re firing up your rig and checking out some Netflix documentary from the safety of your cushy couch, some hash fan in Saudi Arabia may be getting their head chopped off just for trying to supply his fellow man with a little hit of joy.Two men were executed in the Saudi Arabian city of Jaza

Is Dabbing Really Dangerous?

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We’ve all seen the news stories about how dangerous dabbing can be — dramatic accounts of clandestine “drug labs” being blown up by amateur hash-makers– but really, how dangerous is dabbing for the average user? Though there’s been little formal scientific research specifically on the topic (due mostly

Cannabis Coffee Has Arrived

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As legalization/ decriminalization sweeps across the country, marijuana enthusiasts are becoming more and more creative with how they consume cannabis-infused products. The latest craze meets at the intersection of the two most readily consumed drugs in the U.S.: coffee and weed.Caffeine is a DrugThough it’s hard to imagine now, coffee and we

How Clean Is Your Cannabis Extract?

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Though we don’t often think about it, consuming marijuana means you’re ingesting more than just THC. The process of growing and curing weed often subjects the plant to numerous chemicals and pathogens, and without any oversight or regulation, consumers are forced to rely on growers to be responsible in their use of pesticides and fertil

Choosing The Right Dab Tool

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You’ve picked out some glass, you’ve decided on a style of nail, you’ve got a torch and some high-quality concentrate… but how are you going to get that concentrate on to the rig? Though its often overlooked, choosing the right dab tool can mean the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant dabbing experience. A good dab

Growing Marijuana: The Fringe Benefits of Saving Trim

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There was a time in the not-too-distant past when a weed farmer would grow marijuana simply for the bud, trashing the brittle, dry leaf trim like common waste. These were the days before the popularity of shatter, marijuana edibles, and concentrates. The popularity of dabbing and marijuana oils has shed new light on the way a savvy farmer chooses t

Marijuana Concentrates Buyer’s Guide

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With marijuana concentrates more popular than ever before, it’s easy for the average consumer to get lost in trying to navigate the many options available on the market. While price is generally a reliable indicator of quality relative to similar products, its hardly an empirical method for determining how good a concentrate will be before yo

What Is Live Resin?

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The quest to create the finest marijuana extract is and endless one, but in the last few years we’ve achieved a new pinnacle of excellence in the form of what we call “live resin.” Live resin has steadily been gaining traction amongst dispensaries and extract enthusiasts (as well as quite a bit of attention from the various cannab

A State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Laws

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Proper cannabis labeling and packaging is a crucial component to staying in compliance with state guidelines. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-proof, child-proof, and within accordance of their local laws. Unfortunately, because the laws are constantly changing, businesses are forced to keep up with the perpetual tweaks

Action Bronson’s Cable Food Show To Premiere This Month

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Every generation gets a handfull of god-given geniuses. Picassos, Einsteins, Jesuses. No doubt, one of the millennial generation’s chosen ones is Action Bronson. Six years ago, Arian Asllan was just a mega-talented maker and eater of foods. Then fate stepped in.In a promo video for Bronson’s new travel/food TV show Fuck, That’s De

Jeb Bush Claims Weed Is Addictive And Causes Brain Damage

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Turns out this isn’t the only dumb thing Jeb Bush did this week: other other Bush also made some scientifically challenged comments Thursday when CNN’s GOP Town Hall debate got to the subject of cannabis legalization. The presidential candidate detailed his view of “the devas

How The Flint Water Crisis Affects Michigan Patients and Growers

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Anyone with eyes or ears knows about the horror that has been inflicted on the people of Flint, Michigan by negligent, possibly criminal, city and state governments. According to the city, all Flint children should consider themselves exposed to lead poisoning. After the revelation that the city had been lying about the dangerous toxins in the tap

Where Is Hillary Clinton Stance On Cannabis Laws?

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Whoever we elect to be the next leader of the free world is going to have a lot of impact on our future. They’ll decide what wars we don’t fight, which ones we do fight, who has to how much in taxes, and either win or lose the world’s respect. Oh yeah, and they’re also going to have a big say in what happens to weed laws.Mar

Florida Gets Medical Marijuana On Its 2016 Ballot

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The 2016 election isn’t all Trump and Clinton. In addition to deciding whether the next leader of the free world will be a bureaucratic bleeding heart or an inexperienced, bigoted loudmouth, voters in the Sunshine State will also get to pick whether local sick people will get to buy their weed from a licensed shop or have to keep waiting on t

California Lawmakers Try To Slow Coming Weed Bans

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A few weeks into 2016, a new wave of medical marijuana regulation in California is taking its first stumble steps. New sweeping MMJ laws were adopted by the California Senate in the eleventh hour of last year’s legislative session. Among the many provisions in the 70-page bill was one allowing the state to issue license to cannabis growers in

California’s Largest Doctors Group Endorses Legalizing Weed

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Some issues seem destined to come to a head in this year’s election. One of them is loud with red hair, and it’s not that one guy. We talking about weed. As a matter of fact, we’re not the only ones talking about it.There’s also the California Medical Association, the largest organization of doctors in the state. The CM

What’s All This About Exploding Vape Pens?

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Last November, an e-cigarette exploded in Cordero Caples’ face, breaking his neck, fracturing face bones, shattering his teeth, and burning his mouth, according to Caples’ sister, who spoke to The Denver Post. He lived through the ordeal, but he’s seen better days. “He has a hard time moving his body,” his sister

America Gets Its First Legal Weed Drive-Thru In Oregon

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Weed is getting more convenient by the day. Kids today don’t understand. Back in the day, like the early 2000’s, if you wanted to secure a bag of nugs, you had to pick up the phone (probably a landline phone) and call a guy. Then that guy might not be in, and if he was in, maybe he didn’t even have any weed. So you’d have to

Woody Harrelson Might Open A Weed Dispensary in Hawaii

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Famous movie star and pothead Woody Harrelson is putting his hat in the ring to be one of the chosen few who will get to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii later this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though medical marijuana has been legal in the islands since 2000, there hasn’t been a regulated dispensary system unt

Ex-Pro Baller Jay Williams Criticizes NBA’s “Double Standard” Drug Policies

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“Players are going to find some way to deal with the pain,” says former Chicago Bull Jay Williams in a video and essay in The Players’ Tribune.There’s a new awareness of the health problems facing professional athletes. They have a job which is bound to take a physical toll on their body and pressured by their employers

Australia Set To Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

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Australia is way ahead of America in many regards. Its progressive gun laws, its imaginative flair for dystopian car races, and now maybe its drug laws too.A bill proposed in the Australian parliament this week aims to legalize cannabis cultivation in the land down under, according to Reuters. Several states in the country/continent

Colorado Sold Almost $1 Billion In Weed Last Year

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Colorado’s drug dealers must be bummed. Everyone knew the weed business was a lucrative one, but nobody knew quite how good until the Colorado Department of Revenue came out with their 2015 stats this week. Turns out that before Colorado legalized medical marijuana a few years ago and went full legal in 2014, those selling bud on the d-low we

Drug Convictions Might Not Mess With College Financial Aid Soon

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Colleges need stoners. With cannabis becoming a many, many billion dollar a year industry in this country alone, having a couple rich weed moguls on their alumni sheet is going to come in handy for these schools a few years down the line. Plus all that THC in their brains have been known to inspire a revelation or two in the arts and sciences.Of co

Busted Grower Gets Let Off For Having A Really Bad Crop

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Usually sucking at dealing drugs is a disadvantage. The less sly dope slingers are generally the more likely to end up doing time for it. But it turns out there are exceptions. The geography of the Earth says that if you walk far enough in one direction, you end up back where you started. Similarly, if you suck bad enough at dealing weed, you can a

Snoop Dogg Makes Major Deal To Supply Cannabis With Weedy Goods

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Snoop Dogg’s got a finger in so many cannabis industry pies that pretty soon he’s gonna have to start using his toes. The rapper-cum-actor-cum-entrepreneur has partnered up with weed mega-corporation Tweed, perhaps the biggest cannabis firms in Canada, according to the Ottawa Citizen.The fact that Canada is likely on the brink of nation

California Bill Proposes Raising Pot Tax 15%

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A bill proposed by California State Senator Mike McGuire (D-Sonoma County) seeks to impose a 15 percent excise tax on all marijuana transactions, according to LA Weekly.The city of Los Angeles already has a 5 percent tax on all medical marijuana donations and the state takes a 7.5 percent tax (same as every other taxed goods). That means that an An

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