Why Is Stoner Mecca White Castle Anti-Drug Reform?

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In these divided political times, it’s hard to know where allegiances lie. For instance, who would have thought that White Castle, a stoner profiteer and maker of some of the most munchable munchies in the realm of fast food ,would be opposing a bill to reform cannabis and other drug laws?In addition to selling the perfect stoner group snack

Legalization Expands In Three States In Historic Day For Cannabis

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In what may be the most eventful day for cannabis in the United States in two years, the country has gained three new legal marijuana markets and lost one of its most powerful adversaries in less than 24 hours.Yesterday, voters in Michigan voted to legalize adult use of cannabis statewide, while in Utah and Missouri they legalized medical marijuana

New York City Cannabis Arrests Down 90% Since Last Year

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Cops and racially profiled stoners are both presumably enjoying some more free time as low-level cannabis possession arrests have plummeted 90 percent in just one year. According to a press release from the Drug Policy Alliance, just 151 people were arrested for small possession in all of New York City in September. That’s less than 10 percen

FDA Approves New Opioid Ten Times More Potent Than Fentanyl

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We guess the federal government can’t do one good deed without doing a bad one to even things out. Only a little more than a month ago the Food and Drug Administration approved, for the first time ever, a marijuana-derived medicine. The law was even changed to allow for the drug Epidiolex to be classified as a Schedule II drug, making it the

U.S. Feds Are Hiring Extraction Artists And Joint Rollers

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Things are looking to get a whole lot groovier in the federal government. The National Institute of Health recently put up a posting looking for a business to become its go-to cannabis provider. The successful applicant will manufacture up to half a metric ton of cannabis extracts a year and grow up to two tons of cannabis flower.A solicitation pos

Two Dead In LA Dispensary Shooting

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Two people have been shot and killed at a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles on Monday. Los Angeles police believe the incident to be a robbery gone wrong, as reported by the LA Times.On Monday at 4:20 a.m., officers responded to a reported shooting at a dispensary on the 400 block of Western Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities found a

Patients In Need Face Cannabis Oil Shortages In Canada

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One month after Canada legalized cannabis, some medical marijuana patients, including ones who depend on treatment to keep severe symptoms at bay, are facing shortages as the country adapts to the new system. Some suggest that suppliers are diverting cannabis products to recreational retailers because of the potential for higher profits."It's actua

Trump’s Proposed Border Wall Could Be Making Mexican Weed Better

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Of all the many ways Trump’s proposed border wall would royally disrupt all kinds of issues in immigration and trade, the cannabis market might not be the most important, but it is one of the more interesting.While the wall isn’t coming up yet (or probably anytime soon, and maybe never) it has already  got experts looking at the co

California Cannabis Tries To Keep Up With Packaging Requirements

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In California, some cannabis producers and retailers are struggling to keep up with requirements  which can seem like overkill or almost unworkable. Last month at the California Cannabis Business Conference (CCBC), a meeting of more than 3,000 area business leaders, a packaging panel voiced some concerns over the state’s new and changing

The IRS Isn’t Happy About Weed Companies Paying Taxes In Cash Either

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Of all the pains involved in operating a legal cash business, one of the more unpleasant may be hauling loads of cash to a government building to pay your taxes. As a result of extremely stringent limitations and fees placed on cannabis businesses who use banks, many just choose to go it alone and operate an all cash business. In fact, about 70 per

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