Legalizing Cannabis Is “A Racial Justice Issue,” Says ACLU Leader

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Legalizing recreational cannabis isn’t just an issue of making weed more available to consumers or increasing state tax profits, it’s “a racial justice issue and a civil rights crisis,” according to head of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey Amol Sinha.After accepting the position of state ACLU executive direct

Patients In Honolulu Can Have Legal Weed Or A Gun, But Not Both

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There is a little known, and rarely acted on, federal firearm law which says that cannabis users can’t own guns. The law makes no differentiation between legal and illegal cannabis users, which makes sense given that the federal government doesn’t acknowledge legal cannabis users.Usually, however, law enforcement agencies don’t go

Army Is Now Cool With Recruiting Potheads

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The United States Army is increasing the number of waivers it grants to potential recruits who used cannabis in their youth. In 2017, the Army granted more than 500 such waivers, as opposed to 191 last year. Three years ago, they didn’t grant a single one."Provided they understand that they cannot do that when they serve in the military, I wi

Utah Cops Telling People Weed Causes Erectile And Intellectual Disability

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Last we checked, the job of police officers was to enforce local law for the good of the community. But apparently some cops in Utah are working overtime, making it part of their duty to collect and present one-sided and blatantly untrue facts about cannabis health effects.In opposition to a possible medical cannabis legalization bill in the state,

Los Angeles Finalizes Cannabis Rules, For Now

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The country’s largest cannabis market has voted to license the sales and cultivation of recreational cannabis. The Los Angeles City Council voted to impose a series of regulations on Wednesday. The new rules will kick in as soon as Mayor Eric Garcetti signs them, as reported by The Associated Press.The new regulations adopted by the city don&

Sessions Mocks Interns For Advocating Legal Pot And Police Oversight In New Video

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News flash: Jeff Sessions is not into legal marijuana. Well, maybe that’s not that much news to anyone who follows cannabis or the Department of Justice. The Attorney General is still the same guy who said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” that cannabis is “only slightly less awful than heroin,” and who has lo

California Now Accepting Extraction License Applications

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For those of you wanting to be real deal legit extraction artists, last Friday was a big day. December 8 was the first day that the state’s Department of Public Health began accepting, or even making available, licenses from the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB).These licenses, which you can apply for here, are good for 120 days, wit

Dabs and iPods Used In Study Of Cannabis And Driving Ability

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A new study on the effects of cannabis on motor skills is using the latest in weed technology and the earliest in mp3 technology. With dabs and iPods, a joint study by the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado State University Department of Health and Exercise Science is measuring the post-high driving abilities of your average dabber, as

Major Win For MMJ Employees In Massachusetts Makes New Ruling

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In a major victory for medical marijuana patients, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Monday that employers can no longer fire patients for using medical cannabis. The legal leverage for this rule was found in the state’s policies about discrimination against workers with disabilities, as reported by Leafly.In the ruling, Massa

Cops Are Forcing People To Eat Weed And Shutting Down Legal Pot Shops

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America’s finest. The boys in blue. Some of them are cool, but this week has seen two different news stories of law enforcement committing attacking the world of weed.In Phoenix, Arizona, one dude has just settled a lawsuit against the local po-po for allegedly making eat his own stash. Last September, Edgar Castro was caught with a small amo

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