Time Suck: Here’s A Map Of The Highest Places In The Country

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If you’re planning a road trip and want to be able to stay high off secondhand fumes the whole way, if your Pink Floyd butts poster is getting wrinkled and you need a new 420-friendly decoration for your room, if you’re one of those stoners who like to sound smart by giving out weed statistics while you’re passing the rig around,

Even Republicans Support Marijuana Legalization Now, Says Poll

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Presidential candidates aren’t the only thing republicans seem to be changing their minds about right now. Looks like even the grand old party of traditional values and conservative living is shrugging their shoulders and saying “fuck it” when it comes to anti-marijuana laws. For the first time ever, more Republicans support canna

Is Weed Content Taking Over TV?

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Snoop Dogg made a public appearance promoting the new MTV sitcom Mary + Jane, a show the rapper is executive producing,last weekend. The Doggfather’s passion project follows two twenty-something women in the hipster mecca of Silverlake, Los Angeles as they sell weed and date and stuff. In addition to executive producing, Snoop has also record

DEA Puts In Order For Over 1,000 Pounds Of Weed

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If you think your weed habit was bad just because you have to go back to the dispensary and replenish your supply on a daily basis, then maybe you’ll feel better to know that the amount of cannabis you’re consuming is nothing compared to the Drug Enforcement Administration.The federal agency put in a preliminary order of 472,000 grams o

Who Won The First High Times Concentrates Cup?

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This week will go down in history. Hard to say how exactly history will remember it, but we at Dabs Mag are thinking that a few generations down the line, the world will have forgotten about horrifying shootings and bombings and American political conventions, and instead remember the the very first High Times Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.&nbs

Scientists Discover How Much Weed Is In The Average Joint For Some Reason

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An Ivy League professor and a storied global think tank have pooled their resources and compiled more than a decade of statistics to find exactly how much weed is in one joint, for some reason.Greg Ridgeway, an associate professor of criminology and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania, worked with Beau Kilmer of the RAND Corporation, and t

California Voters Will Decide Whether Pot Taxes Help Homeless

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Voters in the Golden State are going to have a lot of decisions to make come November. They need to pick which Presidential candidate they hate they least, they got to decide whether they want weed (they do), and they’ll also choose whether some of the proceeds of legal marijuana sales are going to go to help the state’s homeless popula

Study: States With Medical Marijuana Have Better, Healthier Workers

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The best way to keep employees from slacking is to give them medical marijuana, according to a new study. At least that’s the simplified version of a recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s results.States with legal medical marijuana programs experience a substantial decline in the number of days that workers call in s

Crooked Cops In Unlawful Santa Ana Dispensary Raid Off Police Force

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Three police officers who took part in an unlawful and deeply asshole-ish raid on a Santa Ana dispensary last year are now off the police force, as reported by The Cannabist.We reported on the incident last summer, when the attorney representing Sky High Holistic released a video of the 5-0’s misconduct. When that video was first released, at

E-Nail Entrepreneurs Bring Dabbing To The Yuppies

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For sellers in the current cannabis market, it’s not just about how you grow bud or blast your concentrates; it’s about how you market yourself. How many stickers and hat pins are you willing to print up and hand out? How big are your promotional giveaways at cannabis festivals? How much sweat are you willing to pour into your social me

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